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Fisheye Lens app review: fisheye camera for your iPhone 2021



Fisheye Lens - Lomo Style Fisheye Camera is the most authentic, versatile, and user-friendly fisheye camera app for taking photos available on the iPhone and iPad.

What we have here is a powerful lomographic fisheye photography that can be installed straight into your iOS device to help you achieve amazing and beautiful photographs.

This fisheye camera app can be purchased from the App Store for $1.99. Check out our camera app review for more details on what this app offers. 

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Fisheye Lens - Lomo Camera


Lenses and Film

Fisheye Lens - Lomo Style Fisheye Camera is a very lightweight app, taking up just 6.6 MB of space on your iOS device. There are ten different fisheye lenses available to users including Full Fisheye, Full Inverse Fisheye, Fisheye, Inverse Fisheye, Square, Squeeze, Warp, Stretch, Stretch Up, and Stretch Down.

When you pick the lens of your choice, you will see the powerful in-app camera in action with the live view on your viewfinder. This enables users to effectively capture the right look in a simple and straightforward manner.

Further to the lens variety, this app also includes eight types of films to enhance the image just the way you want it. Film types include Standard, Cross Processing, Photocrom, Sunset, Sakura, Sepia, Split Tone, and Black & White.

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Lenses and Film image


One of the coolest things about this app is that effects can not only be applied to new pictures taken through this app, but also to existing photographs residing in your camera roll. You can import your pictures for post-processing straight from your photo albums, drag them to line them up, and even pinch-to-zoom.

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Furthermore, there is the option to adjust the intensity of the lens both in post-processing as well as in real-time through your photoshoot.

Not only is this app great in terms of the features and functions it offers, it also manages to deliver them to the user in a delightfully intuitive and user-friendly package, making it one of the better photo and video apps available for purchase.

Fine-tuning image

Fisheye Lens - Lomo Camera


Pros & Cons


  • Take fisheye pictures with a real-time view
  • Choose from ten different lenses and eight films to achieve the look you want
  • Apply effects to new pictures taken through this app, or on existing pictures in post-processing
  • Swap lenses and films at any time with a single tap
  • Tap to focus and to adjust exposure


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Fisheye Lens - Lomo Style Fisheye Camera is a fantastic photo & video app for all enthusiasts of iPhone and iPad photography. If you are looking to take images in lomographic styles, this is worth the purchase, especially at the current discounted price.

Fisheye Lens - Lomo Camera

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