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Belle's War Hero app review: a cool take on a classic card game



If you're a fan of card games this is an app that brings you all the classic fun you enjoy with a modern and unique feel. The Belle's War Zero app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This game uses the classic "War" principles with a fun old west feel to it. When you launch this game you'll be taking a step back in time to the Wild West days of the 1860s, which is where you’ll meet Belle, who just so happens to be a time-traveling super-heroine. I enjoyed it even though my preference is a bridge app.

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Wild-West Themed Action

With the cool theme that is well-done throughout the app it's hard not to get hooked on this one pretty much immediately. You'll find the speed of the gameplay to be quite fast so this isn't just a slow-paced casual game. You will be facing off against opponents who will be trying their best to win and use a variety of sneaky moves to further their cause. Gameplay is easy to understand as you flip cards just like in the classic game.

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In the free version of the app you will be working on target practice. The full version gives you more features and enhanced gameplay options. In its latest update there were improvements made allowing for faster downloads and obviously a better user experience. There are currently no customer comments or a customer rating at this time.

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The Gameplay Experience

For me one of the greatest parts about this app is the graphics and sound effects. This one is definitely impressive and adds to the overall gaming experience. There are plenty of card game apps available but thanks to the theme in this one it feels different. The app supports Leaderboard and Achievements, giving you more of a challenge. There is also multi-player mode, the ability to shop, upgrade your weapons to help with your gameplay, and a whole bunch more.

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Thanks to all these features and extras it feels like it has more staying power, as though you’d want to return to this one time and time again. Even the game board is cool and feels different. Your score is easily displayed at the top and as the cards are turned over they are front and center and easy to read. Unfortunately I have had the app crash on me a couple of times when launching it. This hasn’t happened every time so perhaps this is just a fluke thing.

The Gameplay Experience image

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Pros and Cons


  • Addictive fast-paced gameplay
  • A fun theme that is well-done throughout the whole game
  • Supports Game Center
  • The ability to earn achievements
  • A simple and easy to read game board


  • This isn’t the full version of the app so you may find yourself wanting more

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Final Words

The Belle’s War Hero app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a fun Wild West take on a classic card game.

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