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David vs. Goliath app review: making the tale modern



For those of you familiar with David vs. Goliath from the Bible we've got an app that offers that story but with some new modern twists that also make it ideal for kids. The David vs. Goliath app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to familiarize your children with the classic story. Now because the story has been modernized there is some mild cartoon fantasy violence and for that reason this offering is really meant for those ages nine to 11.

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David vs. Goliath - A Righteous Tale


Making a Classic New

Far too often some of the best classic tales and stories get forgotten and kids end up missing out on some really fabulous lessons. The tale of David vs. Goliath straight from the Bible is an excellent example of a story that isn’t always passed down yet holds so much merit in the lesson it teaches, even today. This app strives to make the tale feel modern by injecting it with some current-day elements and twists. The end result is a compelling interactive story that features seven mini-games and 100 achievements. There is literally hours’ worth of gameplay/reading available in this app.

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This app is free to download and use however to unlock the full story requires in-app purchases of $0.99 to $2.99. The app currently has a perfect five star rating from users and was just recently updated with all kinds of fixes and improvements. Users have stated that you'll find the Bible lessons being taught here as well as fun, laughter, and some serious lessons making for a great combination.


Fun and engaging animations
Fun and engaging animations

A Serious Lesson Combined with Fun

Just because you want your child to learn a serious lesson doesn't meant it can't be done in an engaging, interactive, and fun way. That’s exactly what this app sets out to prove and succeeds in. The mini-games are a huge feature of this app and they are incredibly fun and challenging. There are seven in total and they all feature elements of the Bible in a really fun and challenging way. The app even supports Game Center.

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It's important to point out the quality of the sound effects, music, animations, and even the voice narration all of which excel in the quality department. It’s quite honestly hard to find fault with any aspect of this game. I like that you are given a brief tutorial/introduction to the gameplay as well.


High quality voice narration throughout
High quality voice narration throughout

David vs. Goliath - A Righteous Tale


Pros and Cons


  • A wonderful engaging, modern, and interactive re-telling of the classic Bible story of David vs Goliath
  • Fabulous animations, sound effects, and voice narration
  • Features a variety of achievements and mini-games
  • Supports the Game Center


  • Although it’s a tale young kids can learn from this app isn’t ideal for kids under the age of nine


Challenge a friend
Challenge a friend

Final Words

The David vs. Goliath app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers a beautiful and engaging twist on the Bible tale, making it modern and interesting all over again.


David vs. Goliath - A Righteous Tale

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