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TouchBanking app review: convenient online banking 2021



TouchBanking might not be one of the best online banking apps for iPhone and iPad, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity because it offers everything you need to easily and effectively manage your finances in the palm of your hand.

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Having come across a fair few online banking apps over the past couple of years, including the one I use for my own bank, I have to say that this iPhone banking app is a refreshing change from the often overly elaborate and complicated fare on offer in the Finance category of the App Store.

The interface is clean and simple in its design, and the banking app as a whole runs with a great deal of speed and efficiency, likely due to its lightweight file size, so it definitely receives a solid recommendation from me.

Keep reading our TouchBanking app review to learn more about its features.



Quick and Convenient Online Banking

This is a fairly simple app that has been designed to provide you with a wonderfully convenient approach to online banking, available at your fingertips for whenever you might need to move some money around or make a payment.

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If you have multiple accounts then you’ll be pleased to know that you can manage them all from within the one single interface, enabling you to monitor all of your separate account balances more or less from one screen.

Quick and Convenient Online Banking image

Easily Locate Nearby ATMs and Branches

TouchBanking also provides facilities for transferring money between your various accounts, paying your bills online, and even viewing your recent transactions so that you can easily see exactly where your money is being spent.

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What’s more, you can also use your device’s integrated GPS to find the locations of nearby ATMs and branches, so if you do need to access some cash in a hurry or perhaps speak to an advisor then you’re well covered!

Easily Locate Nearby ATMs and Branches image



Pros & Cons


  • Experience the ultimate in convenient online banking
  • Monitor the balances of all of your accounts
  • View recent transactions
  • Easily transfer money between your accounts
  • Pay your bills online
  • Easily find the locations of ATMs and branches


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

TouchBanking for iPhone and iPad stands proud and true in the greater context of online banking apps, so if you’ve previously shied away from managing your bank accounts online because of temperamental and poorly designed facilities then I think you’ll be very pleased with what’s on offer here.


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