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Tabata Pro app review: a handy Tabata timer 2021



Those of you who like to work out using Tabata or other interval-based methods of exercise will definitely want to check out Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer, which provides a range of handy timers presented with a bold display to keep your sessions in check and get more bang for your buck.

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This is a very simplistic Tabata timer app with an even simpler purpose, which is to help you time your Tabata workouts to keep them slightly more structured so that you can reap greater benefits from your efforts.

Despite the simplicity of this Tabata pro app, I would still definitely recommend thhis Tabata stopwatch pro over the standard iOS Stopwatch widget because it offers far higher levels of customization.

Additionally, it also provides some other features that we’re going to get into below in our Tabata timer pro app review. Keep reading to see if it's one of the best timer apps for your workout needs.

Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer


Create Customizable Tabata Timers

Introducing Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer, a fantastic little utility for all you interval fiends out there, providing three fully customizable timers that you can use to specify your interval durations, overall session lengths, and so on.

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This app also enables you to import your own tracks from your iTunes Music Library so that you can enjoy jamming out to your favorite tunes without having to constantly switch back and forth between apps.

Create Customizable Tabata Timers image

Includes Audible Vocal Cues

Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer all provides some very handy voice cues that will keep you informed of when you need to stop and start, and each time one of the cues plays the music you’re listening to will fade out slightly so that you can enjoy crystal clear audio quality.

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Furthermore, this app supports multitasking which enables you to keep timers and audio running with the app minimized or your device locked. This is perfect for when you need to quickly check something in another app or if you receive a phone call unexpectedly.

Includes Audible Vocal Cues image

Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer


Pros & Cons


  • Get fit fast with this handy Tabata timer
  • Includes three fully customizable timers
  • Customize cycles, tabatas, and more
  • Listen to your own music by importing from the iTunes Music Library
  • Includes visual cues so you can focus on the task at hand
  • Includes a handy voice coach in English or Japanese so you’ll know exactly what to do
  • Pause and resume sessions where required
  • Multitasking support enables you to keep timers and audio running with the app minimized or your device locked


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer for iPhone and iPad makes a great addition to the Health & Fitness category of the App Store, and you can clearly see that the developer has paid close attention to what users want and need from a utility such as this.

Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer

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