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Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures app review: fun learning for the whole brain 2021



Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures is a kids learning app developed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, an award-winning neuroscientist.

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This iPad and iPhone kids learning app uses age-appropriate matching, pairing, sorting, and sequencing skills to stretch a child’s learning so that he or she can achieve increasingly better results.

Keep reading our Fit Brains for Kids app review to learn more about the features and functions of this good kids learning app for iPhone and iPad users.

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What Does It Do?

Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures challenges kids to play a variety of smart, fun games. Through these games students learn to sort items such as finding the different fruit, or aligning the shape to its shadow.

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They can also play a memory game by matching the bugs under a nutshell. They are also taught some problem-solving skills through finding the biggest shape, sliding the next number or letter into place, or quickly finding the shape that pops out from behind a bush.

There are five classifications of activities: speed, problem-solving, visual, memory, and concentration. I began mentioning the activities above. For speed you have to sort the objects into an appropriate environment, or find the shape peeking out from behind a bush.

For problem-solving you have to find the biggest or smallest shape, or put the next number or letter in the sequence. For visual learning you have to sort the shape onto its shadow. For memory you find the pairs under nutshells. Finally, for concentration, you have to find the fruit that is different.

What Does It Do? image

How Do I Know It's Working?

Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures has a tracking log for each student. The games target all key areas of the brain listed and discussed above, and then the parents can view the progress in a detailed report on each area.

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This will help parents see if there is an area that really lacks development as well if they suspect a disability, or if there is one that stands out a lot it could suggest a gift as well.

The educational app is not free, but it does have a free trial. After seven rounds, I was locked out and still at the practice level of a two-year-old. A One Year upgrade is $9.99 for one child. Lifetime for one child is $24.99, and FAMILY Lifetime is $39.99 which includes up to five kids on all devices.

Is it worth it? It would depend on your budget. I have played other games, such as Teach Me Toddler, and Teach Me Kindergarten, which have a similar idea but you pay only for the app.

There is no subscription, and no limits to the number of children who can play. If you need a new spot, just reset one of the 40 players. Each of these apps is only $1.99.

How Do I Know It

TeachMe: Toddler


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Relatively inexpensive subscription
  • Teaches to the five main areas of the brain
  • Assists children with learning through games so learning is fun
  • Cute character who reads all instructions to you


  • Other apps are less expensive and don’t require a subscription but offer very similar services and activities

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Final Thoughts

Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures is an iPad app that has a fun new take on enriching and testing the five ways of learning. It has a cute friendly character who children will befriend, but it is a subscription service that other apps provide for a one-time fee.

Check out this educational app as it does have a free trial, and decide if you want to put your money on this one. It is well-designed, fun, and definitely educational, but it is not the only one like it, and is more expensive than some others.

TeachMe: Toddler

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