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The Word Monsters: Learn to Read app review: fun learning for your child



The Word Monsters: Learn to Read is an iPad app to help your little monster learn to read. There is one free book, and additional books can be purchased. As well as the stories to read, there are lots of activities to complete to further reinforce the learning that your child has done. There is a Word Works section, Story Details, and even Phonics Fun.

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The Word Monsters: Learn to Read


Early Readers on the iPad

The Word Monsters: Learn to Read is a library full of readers to help your child successfully master reading. In the one free book, you can see how your child uses repetition to learn sight words, and practice retelling through the story details. Your child can also play a memory game, where they have to match the sight word to the spoken word.

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What I like about this education app is that the words are highlighted as they are read to your child. After a few read-throughs with the app's narrator reading, your child will be ready to try to read it alone. Users start with very simple books, and use a leveled reader system similar to what you would find in a school class.


Menu sample for 6 year old
Menu sample for 6 year old

Limited Trial, But Lots to Explore

The Word Monsters: Learn to Read only has the one book for you to try, but in that book you get a good feel for how great this book app can be. Each page is read with highlighted text, and also animated with the monster characters interacting both with the child, and with the other objects on the page. For example, one will introduce himself, and then on the next page kick the ball.

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These small details matter, because your child is tested on his or her memory of the story in Story Details. It is a simple drag-and-drop activity using the sight words that your child has just practiced, and the characters that were in the story. It is still fun, and doesn’t feel like work.


Reader example
Reader example

The Word Monsters: Learn to Read


Pros & Cons


  • Free book to try
  • Very interactive books with fun monster characters
  • Activities to reinforce the learning your child has done
  • Match the sound of the word to the sight word card


  • Must purchase each book, or the series to continue


Sound matching game
Sound matching game

Final Thoughts

The Word Monsters: Learn to Read is an iPad app to help your child learn to read. It uses simple readers to begin, and progresses through the stages of learning to read gradually in much the same way that a child would in the classroom. By teaching words in patterns of repetition, your children will learn more quickly, and when they further reinforce their learning in the activities, they will lock the new words in their heads. I love that this educational book app uses such a simple approach, but I don’t like that I have to buy each book. When there are libraries around the corner that you can borrow books from for free, I would much prefer to support my community than purchase a book digitally that I can’t share with a friend.


The Word Monsters: Learn to Read

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