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Aida Reminder Lite with Voice Reminders app review: remember with icons 2021



Aida Reminder Lite with Voice Reminders is an iPad and iPhone voice reminder app that allows you to use icons for visual reminding, create quick voice reminders when you can’t type, and also set wake up alarms.

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With a large selection of icons, a history option, and lots of customization options, this reminder app with voice is really handy. In fact, the Aida reminder app is probably the easiest and most effective voice reminder for iPhone app that you will ever use. 

Let's see how Aida stacks up against other voice reminder apps for iPhone. 

Reminder with Voice Reminders


Remember What You Need To Do

Aida Reminder Lite with Voice Reminders has a reminder section where you can set a one-time reminder or an ongoing reminder. This would be great for setting events such as taking out the trash, picking up medication refills, or paying your gardener. You could also use this section as a task list on the one time recurrence.

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I also like the voice memo, because sometimes you don’t have time to type out all of your info but still need to remember what you need to get done. You can record your grocery list, name it, and head off to the store.

Remember What You Need To Do image


Aida Reminder Lite with Voice Reminders is limited to one reminder. It lets you test the app for free without committing. If you only need to have one reminder going at a time, then you can test this for a while by deleting the other reminder prior to entering the next one.

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I like the layout, and how easy it is to use, and I am a sucker for custom icons. It’s not an expensive app at $0.99, so if you like the layout, I would definitely download it for more functionality.

It is true that all of the features are available in the iOS software. The alarm clock, reminders, and to-do list can all be found elsewhere, but what makes this app unique is the custom icons, multiple reminder options, and voice memo reminders. What makes the iOS reminders more convenient is that there is a note field. Aida Reminder Lite only provides one line of text view in-app, however, when reminding will show up to four lines of text.

Limitations image

Reminder with Voice Reminders


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial of one reminder
  • Lots of icons divided into categories
  • Voice reminders
  • One time reminder or ongoing reminder


  • Not completely free at $0.99 but it is worth the purchase

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Aida Reminder Lite with Voice Reminders is an iPad and iPhone reminder app. It allows you to create custom reminders, view them on a calendar within the app, and even record voice memos and save them as a reminder.

It’s easy to use, has a user friendly layout, and allows the user to edit memos with ease. It is not expensive at $0.99, and allows a free trial with one reminder. If you aren’t satisfied with the iOS reminder app, than give this one a try. It may be the helper app you’ve been searching for!

Reminder with Voice Reminders

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