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Memo a day app review: keep password-protected notes



Memo a day - Tell you what to do & Remind Anywhere & Password Protected & Easy to use is an iPad and iPhone app designed to help you with keeping password-protected notes that you can also set a reminder for them. There is also a voice note option.

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What I Like About It

Memo a day is a neat memo app that allows you to take short notes and set reminders. They can be password protected if you choose to enable this feature, and you can also title the note and then simply leave a voice note if you don’t have time to be thumb typing at that moment.

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Additionally, there are five colors to choose from to personalize, or simply divide the notes that you have taken. When you set a reminder, an icon appears on that note so you can tell which have reminders and which do not.

This app is only 8.1MB so if you don’t like the Notes app, it is a nice supplement. That being said, I have tried a few notes apps and much prefer Evernote which is 59.2MB. It’s not huge either, and has all the same features plus a lot more space for your memo. It does not however have color coding options.


Example notes
Example notes

Not So Easy To Use

Memo a day is not so easy to use. There is a whole list of swiping motions that you have to memorize to delete, set as done, and open the control board. This list initially repeats twice, making it look a lot more daunting than it is. I took a screen shot of these motions for future reference.

Another complaint is that the menus are in Chinese characters. This isn’t a huge deal, because by tapping on them I realized that the left character is the settings menu, and the right character is the about menu.

Once you get used to the swiping controls, this app is easy enough to use. The memo field is limited to 15 lines, but does not seem to be limited to characters. The memo field also changes color when you change the color of your note. I like this feature as it helps you to classify information. I am a color coding nut, so having five colors would help me separate my notes such as blue for home, yellow for work, green for kids, light blue for grocery notes, and orange for random musings.


Setting options
Setting options



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Five colors to choose from
  • Reminders and voice notes


  • Limited note view field of 15 rows, but unlimited character count
  • Complicated swiping motions to delete, check off, and so on
  • You have to review the app to get to use it, and you haven’t experienced the app yet


Color selection and settings
Color selection and settings

Final Thoughts

Memo a day - Tell you what to do & Remind Anywhere & Password Protected & Easy to use is an iPad and iPhone app designed to help you with keeping password protected notes that you can also set a reminder for. There is also a voice note option, which is really great for when you don’t have time to thumb type. I like many of the features of the app, however, there is no way to back up the notes like there is in other apps such as the iOS Notes or Evernote. Overall, it's a nice little app, but further development is needed.



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