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Teach Me: Grade 1 app review 2021



Teach Me: 1st Grade is an iPad and iPhone kids learning app that helps students learn many basic skills and practice them on a tablet or phone like their parents.

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Writing, math, reading, and more are all included in this good app for kids learning, with an interactive way of teaching and multiple reward options.

Keep reading our Teach Me Grade 1 app review to learn more about this grade 1 educational app for kids.

TeachMe: Toddler


Multiple Choice, Print, and Copy

Teach Me: Grade 1 is the third of the series. There are also Teach Me: Toddler, Teach Me: Kindergarten, and Teach Me through to Grade 3, as well as Teach Me: Math Facts.

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This series is a great one for teaching age and ability-appropriate skills. The Toddler version starts with colors and shapes, and adds in some letters. Kindergarten beings some sight words, simple math, and more complex shapes. Grade 1 continues to build on these skills by adding in the writing skill.

Rather than merely looking for the sight word, the student must now listen, sound out, and print the word. This is a little tricky as the student has to have good enough printing for the app to pick up on it, and my six-year-old who entered Grade One just now had difficulty with it.

As she continued to practice and I sat down with her to help, she got the hang of it and the smiles of success were priceless!

This version also continues the reward system that is customizable to your child. For example, if your child is having difficulty mastering the skills, then one correct answer can earn a coin.

If, however, they are an expert, then you can set it to two or more coins. This is also a great way to help students learn the value of money, as they must save up their coins to purchase their rewards.

Multiple Choice, Print, and Copy image

Multi-Curricular Learning App

Teach Me: Grade 1 is a multi-curricular learning app that covers math, reading, writing, printing, and more! I have continued to download each app as my daughter ages, because they are well-designed, and the reward system is also worthy of note.

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As I mentioned above, the parent sets the reward requirements, and then the student must earn coins to purchase the rewards. The rewards are of varying expense, so the child also learns how to save their money, and even a bit of budgeting.

Multi-Curricular Learning App image

TeachMe: Toddler


Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive at $1.99
  • Multi-curricular focus of math, writing, reading, printing, shapes, and more
  • Age appropriate skill progression through the levels
  • Multiple child accounts
  • Parent or teacher lock for safety of data
  • Skill progression tracking


  • I have not found any cons to this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Teach Me: 1st Grade is an iPad and iPhone app that is multi-curricular. It helps students learn math, reading, writing, printing, shapes, and more.

I have continued to download the next level for my daughter, as she has loved the apps beginning with Teach Me: Toddler when she was three, and Teach Me: Kindergarten through junior and senior kindergarten.

She has loved learning with these apps, and I have loved working with her on them and seeing her love of learning blossom. Overall, I would definitely recommend this app and its sister apps.

TeachMe: Toddler

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