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Educreations Interactive Whiteboard app review: lessons created and shared easily-2020



The Educreations app has two main functions: to act as a scrap piece of paper when you need to jot things down on your iPad and don’t have paper, or to create a slide show for a lesson or presentation. 

It's an interactive whiteboard that can become a whiteboard for teaching app or a great tool for those of you that jot down a lot of notes. Users can annotate, animate, and narrate nearly any type of content.

Teachers can create short instructional videos  and share them instantly with students, or ask students to show what they know and help friends learn something new on this whiteboard app.  Check out our best apps for teachers list for more great options.

Educreations Whiteboard


Create, Save, Share

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard is an interactive lesson creating app. Add photos, objects, print with your finger, and more. Then add your voice over the lesson to describe your creation. Save it, share it, and on to the next! There are many subjects to choose from, and you can label your lesson accordingly.

This app has a lot of saved and shared lessons that you can choose from if you are looking to present an idea that you have difficulty with, or to give you inspiration to create your lesson. You can insert any image from your camera roll, so search the Internet and find an appropriate image, add some text, record your voice, and you’re off to the races!

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Why Use This?

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard reminds me of the SMART software. When I was teaching, I used this software daily, and it became a tool I relied on. Similar to a black board, or a white board, but interactive as well, the SMART board is a huge touch screen that projects the lesson like an overhead projector with added bonuses.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard lessons could easily be projected on a class television, on a SMART board, or any other viewing screen. The difference between this app and the SMART program is that the presentation you create becomes a video rather than a slide show.

This whiteboard app is designed for the digital classroom. Create classes that students can join right within the app. Lessons sync automatically between teacher and student iPads, so it's easy for students to access teacher instruction and for teachers to monitor student work. Students without iPads can access classes and lessons on the educreations app website.

Why Use This? image

Educreations Whiteboard


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Versatile in assisting with any topic you can fill the pages with
  • Record your voice and create a video lesson
  • Jot notes to remind yourself later
  • Lots of saved lessons saved by subject for easy searching


  • Difficult to sync your pen strokes with voice recording without becoming muffled

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Final Thoughts

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard is an iPad and iPhone app that is multi-curricular. It helps students learn Math, Science, English, History, Geography, and more through lessons you create and share, or by searching other saved lessons.

This is a very versatile app that can apply to any subject, all you have to do is create the slides, record yourself teaching the lesson, and you are ready to go! Overall, I found this app to be a little difficult to use as compared to the SMART software, however, I'm sure as I play with it, it will get easier.

If you need to create a short lesson and mail it to a teacher, or if you have an online tutoring business, then this app would be a great way to present your information.

Educreations Whiteboard

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