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Weather Thermometer & Weathercast Widget app review: home screen forecasts 2021



Weather Thermometer & Weathercast Widget weather app is a great weather forecast app that you can use to receive basic temperature reports on the home screen of your iPhone and iPad, providing a quick at-a-glance meteorological reference for when you’re in a hurry.

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This is one of the more simplistic weather thermometer apps, but I actually really like it, and I think it could prove to be pretty darned convenient to a lot of people to be able to quickly refer to the temperature on their homescreen weather widget before leaving the house each day.

Easy Weather with awesome Widget


Home Screen Temperature Views

What we’ve got here is a fairly run-of-the-mill addition to the Weather category of the App Store which utilizes your device’s integrated GPS in order to deliver your current location’s weather conditions, including temperature and other basic details.

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This app provides support for Celsius and Fahrenheit, and what I like most about it is the little quirk I mentioned in the introduction whereby you can receive temperature readings directly on the home screen of your iOS device.

Home Screen Temperature Views image

Receive Severe Weather Alerts

Besides basic reports of the current temperature and weather conditions, Weather Thermometer & Weathercast Widget also enables you to view a detailed weather forecast for today, tonight, and the coming four days.

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What’s more, you can also receive severe weather alerts and even the following day’s weather forecast via Push notification.

Receive Severe Weather Alerts image

Easy Weather with awesome Widget


Pros & Cons


  • Use your device’s integrated GPS in order to view your current location’s weather conditions
  • Includes a thermometer with support for Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • View a detailed weather forecast for today, tonight, and the coming four days
  • Receive severe weather alerts and warnings via Push notification
  • Receive tomorrow’s weather forecast via Push notification


  • I don’t personally take issue with this app; however, one user has found it to be a little misleading: “For my purposes useless, and there's false advertising here. I wanted a thermometer--not a report of "local temperatures" or GPS readings--so I could, well, have a thermometer. I wouldn't have thought an Iphone could do this, but lo and behold, the description says very specifically it is a thermometer (that in addition to simply calling itself a thermometer in the title), in addition to showing GPS outdoor temp readings (which are going to be very low resolution in any case). I futz with the ap and it sure doesn't seem to work. And so I read up and find that, as I at first suspected, the phone does not have a temperature sensor that would make this possible. So I wasted a half hour. Great. Thanks alot.”

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Weather Thermometer & Weathercast Widget is a simple but very nicely executed weather forecasting app for iPhone and iPad. I’m quite impressed with what the developer has done with this iOS weather app and would definitely recommend checking it out.

Easy Weather with awesome Widget

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