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myBlee Math app review: a math app with lessons 2021



myBlee Math is an iPad and iPhone math app that assists with elementary school math. This good math app for iPhone has a thorough covering of all topics that will be taught in grade school math, and does so in and interactive manner using a tablet or a phone if on the go. 

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For more details on the features and functions of this math app, check out our myBlee Math app review below. 

myBlee Math | Maths for K and 1st to 6th grade


Math Curriculum for Your School Age Child

myBlee Math is an app designed by teachers with over a thousand step-by-step in-depth lessons. The app covers JK through grade six, and is aligned with the common core state standards for these age groups.

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It covers counting and place value, comparing numbers; fractions, decimal numbers; geometry; learning to count; logic; math word problems; mental math; measuring lengths, mass, and volumes; number lines and graphs; and operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

This app has a step-by-step instructional lesson, followed by application of the skill taught. For example, in multiplication, you may be shown the two times table and the five times table. If these are the tables chosen, you will be shown that 10 is on both lines, but 12 is not.

You will be shown that 20 is on both lines, but 18 is not. After a few examples, you will be taken to a game to apply your knowledge.

I played a marble and hole game that I had to put the marbles with two times tables in the two hole, and the five times tables in the five hole. Ones that would fit in both went in the both two and five hole. It was a great way to reinforce the lesson.

Math Curriculum for Your School Age Child image

Will It Work?

As an elementary school teacher, I appreciate myBlee because kids will learn the lessons, and love that they get to play a game afterwards.

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When I was doing the word problem section, I found it a little frustrating because I answered the question on my scrap paper within the app, yet the app did not see my answer. I had to copy my answer over to the main question screen. This isn’t that big of a deal because kids just need to get used to doing this.

Another thing was the voice. This app talks to you as a teacher would to help you learn. If you don’t have your speaker turned up loud enough, then it will ask you to turn up the volume. This is great! What I didn’t like was that the voice sounded like a machine rather than a human being. Little things like that will bother students.

Will It Work? image

myBlee Math | Maths for K and 1st to 6th grade


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Scrap paper feature for jotting and solving
  • All of the grade school math curriculum is covered and easily sorted by menu names


  • Mechanical voice
  • Must copy answer from scrap paper to answer section or your right answer will be marked wrong

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

myBlee Math is an iPad and iPhone app that assists students with their math from JK through grade six. This is an instructional app that first teaches you with diagrams and voice instructions, and then gets you to practice the skill you just learned.

Other apps want you to just sit and practice, but this one shows you how to do the questions prior to expecting you to do the work.

That’s a nice touch. I appreciate all the work that the teachers developing this app did, and would recommend it to students who are away from school for a lengthy amount of time, or to parents wanting to homeschool their children.

myBlee Math | Maths for K and 1st to 6th grade

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