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HopHopClock app review: a family-friendly countdown timer



Of course there are plenty of timers and countdown apps available but how about one that has been built specifically for family use? The HopHopClock is an app that can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as your go-to countdown timer that is family-friendly. Okay parents, how many times have you heard yourself saying “five more minutes and then you need to clean up,” “10 more minutes until dinner,” “five more minutes until bedtime,” or whatever? This is the way to use the method of counting down in a way that works for families.



Motivate and Reward

The goal behind the HopHopClock app is to motivate kids to beat the timer and then when they do, acknowledge it with a reward. The idea is that instead of fighting through the daily routine and chores they will turn into a game where the child actually wants to take part. Just imagine how much smoother your day would go if there weren’t that constant struggle to get the routine done and in a timely manner. While you can use this app with children of any age ideally it works best with young kids.

In the app's most recent update there were a number of small updates just basically cleaning it up and providing a smoother experience. The timer app doesn't yet have any customer ratings or comments.

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A Parent's Favorite Tool

Don't be surprised if you find the HopHopClock quickly becomes your favorite and most-used parenting tool. As you start to get results and the fighting and struggles decrease of course you'll want to keep it up. Without those daily fights your entire day just goes smoother and is happier in general. It can come in especially handy when you're in a rush, for instance during your morning routine as you are getting ready to go to work and get the kids out the door to school. It helps to keep the routine on track, the kids focused on the task at hand, and moving at a good pace. These are all precious little things that most parents would love to have in their day.

Using the app is very simple, allowing you to use it throughout the day for all kinds of activities/chores. Just rotate the dial until you get to the time you want to give them and press the start button. Kids can then tap on the screen to view the reward that will follow when they complete their task before the timer goes off.

A Parent



Pros and Cons


  • Gives kids visual and audio indicators combined with a countdown timer
  • Use it for chores or activities
  • Plenty of ways to customize the app so it works for your family
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Motivates kids to beat the timer


  • Not all the features are offered for free; there are a few in-app purchases

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Final Words

As a parent I think the HopHopClock app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is an absolute genius item to use. It’s extremely user-friendly and most of all effective in helping to move kids along and keep them on task and on time.


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