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Cake Stacker app review



Well you may have mastered baking and decorating single-layer cakes, but tiered cakes are a whole other story. The Cake Stacker app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to provide you with instructions on how to build tiered cakes. Not only will you learn how to build them in a professional way but you'll also find all kinds of great ideas and inspirations on combinations. The fact that you are given a 3D preview of the cakes really helps you understand what the finished product will look like.

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Cake Stacker


Ideal for Professional Bakers

The Cake Stacker app has a number of great uses. While you can use this app to learn about building the perfect tiered cake if you happen to be a professional baker this app is great to use in consultations. As you speak with your client you can then enter in the calculations and build a 3D model of the cake for them to view. The app takes into account the portion size and servings you need so it gives you an accurate preview. You can even build a couple of different cakes so your client can then make their choice.

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The app just recently underwent a few user interface enhancements and minor bug fixes resulting in better stability and performance. The app scores a solid 3.5 out of five stars but it's obvious users would still like to see more added to this app. Because the app isn't exactly cheap, it's only natural that it should blow customers away, which it isn't doing.

Choose your cake configuration
Choose your cake configuration

Helping you become the Ultimate Cake Builder

Keep in mind that the tools and features in the Cake Stacker app are customizable, which is a nice feature in itself. Go ahead and start by picking your size, shape, and height. You can always go back and made edits, delete things, or add things. The app will then make the calculations and show you the portion sizes and serving sizes for each of the tiers. You’ll instantly be able to view your cake in a 3D preview.

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You will be able to make use of the guides for ribbon, fondant, and dowels to help you create that perfect look, and even have the app try out different cake shapes so you can see how it affects the portion and serving sizes. There is the ability to save up to 25 of your favorite cakes and given them a name, the app works in Imperial and Metric units, and you can let the app provide you with possible suggestions.

Get an instant 3D preview
Get an instant 3D preview

Cake Stacker


Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for the professional baker
  • Use this app in your cake consultations
  • The app can offer you suggestions on tier shapes and sizes
  • Helpful tutorial guides
  • The ability to save up to 25 of your favorite cakes


  • The app is priced high for what you’re getting

Get tier combinations
Get tier combinations

Final Thoughts

The Cake Stacker app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a step in the right direction when it comes to helping the professional baker. With just a bit more polishing and some additional tools this could become a wonderful option.


Cake Stacker

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