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Dora's Dress-Up Adventures! app review 2021



Engage, entertain, and educate your child with Dora's Adventure Dress-Up app. What we have here is an dressup Dora app for your iPhone or iPad created especially for children under the age of five.

This Dora dress up adventure app involves dressing up Dora the Explorer and then embarking upon a fascinating adventure to one of many locations including the Purple Planet, the Old West, and the Crystal Kingdom. There are plenty of options to dress up Dora along with customizable objects that can be added to the scenery.

You can find this app in the Education section of the App store, where it can be purchased for $2.99. Keep reading our Dora dress up app review to see if your kiddos will love this game.

Dora's Dress-Up Adventures!


Dress Up & Esplore

You'll be pleased to know that Dora's Dress-Up Adventures! only takes up 46.8 MB of space on your iOS device, unlike other educational gaming apps designed for children, which are often over 100 MB in size.

First, you must choose the location, which is essentially an Explorer background. There are 12 options to choose from. Based on the chosen location, it'll then be time to dress up Dora in the appropriate attire best suited for the location.

Dress her up in a cowboy hat for Old West, or don a space suit on her to help her breathe on the Purple Planet. You can dress her up as a pirate, a cowgirl, or even a ballet dancer.

There are 36 items of clothing which can be used to dress up the pretty little girl. You can also mix and match outfits to make her look cute, silly, or completely unfit for the location, just to get a laugh.

Dress Up & Esplore image

Props, Photos, & More

Aside from dressing her up and taking her to exotic locations, you can also place props around the location such as a Swiper in his spaceship, a caterpillar which becomes a butterfly, or even a dancing pig!

48 explorer props. Tap each prop to trigger surprise animations and pinch to change their size!
You also have the ability to share your child's Explorer photo of Dora on Facebook & email, as well as save it to your device's photo gallery.

If at any point your baby gets confused, simply use the Tutorial options which are led by Dora, so rather than having to guide your child, he or she will learn to become more independent and seek out Dora for help rather than depending on you.

Parents can also snap pictures of Dora and save them in the Adventure Photo Album for review.

Props, Photos, & More image

Dora's Dress-Up Adventures!


Pros & Cons


  • Learn to play using Tutorials led by Dora
  • Choose from 12 explorer backgrounds, 36 articles of clothing, and 48 props to further jazz up the location
  • Take pictures of Dora in her attire and fun locations to save them on the Adventure Photo Album


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Parents with children under the age of five will find their babies mesmerized in Dora's Dress-Up Adventure! I'd highly recommend grabbing it on your iPhone or iPad so you and your baby can have fun anytime, anywhere.

Dora's Dress-Up Adventures!

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