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Optics Clinical Calculator app review 2021



If you work in the field of optometry then you probably deal with a lot of calculations, so Optics Calculator app for iPhone has been designed to make it quicker and easier than ever to perform these calculations more or less automatically.

This is definitely a pretty niche eyesight app so I don’t imagine there is a lot of competition; however, this doesn’t seem to have prevented the developer from going the extra mile and making an optometrist app that is actually a real pleasure to use; if only I had a clue what the terms actually meant!

Continue reading our review to see how this app compares to the best iPhone apps for eyesight.

Optics Clinical Calculator


Opticians Rejoice

In all honesty, a lot (most) of the terms used in this optometry iOS app go way over my head, so here’s a quick rundown of the calculations that are included:

  • Base Curve
  • Convergence
  • Diopter to/from Radius (mm) Conversion
  • Diopters from Focal Distance
  • Intermediate and Near Vision Prescriptions from Standard Refraction
  • Lens Power in Oblique Meridians
  • Oblique Crossed Cylinders
  • Ocular Curve
  • Optical Center Decentration
  • Slab-Off calculator (Induced Prism)
  • Vertex Distance

Some of these can be adjusted with the graphical interface by spinning wheels or dials to get the figures you need.

Opticians Rejoice image

Full Explanations and Formulas

What’s more, all of the calculators within Optics Clinical Calculator come complete with thorough explanations, formulas, clinical notes, and so on, so if you’re new to the field then you should have no trouble figuring out what you need to do.

Finally, the developer has promised free updates in the future so if you do encounter any bugs in the long term then I’d definitely suggest reporting them so that they can be fixed.

Full Explanations and Formulas image

Optics Clinical Calculator


Pros & Cons


  • Access an extensive range of optical calculators
  • Calculate base curve, diopters, ocular curve, vertex distance, and much more
  • Each calculator comes complete with thorough explanations, formulas, clinical notes, and more
  • The developer promises free upgrades in the future


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Optics Clinical Calculator for iPhone and iPad makes a fantastic addition to the Medical category of the App Store, and I’d really like to commend the developer for putting in the effort required to pull off a technical utility like this.

The interface itself is very simple and I guess the calculations are fairly straightforward but even so, you can see that this has been a labor of love so be sure to check it out for all your optometric needs!

Optics Clinical Calculator

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