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Lecture Recorder app review: simple yet effective



Lecture Recorder is a great iPhone and iPad app for all you students or frequent attendants at seminars as it provides some basic yet very easy-to-use functionality enabling you to record audio while taking notes, not to mention a few other handy features.

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I really like the idea behind this app and would definitely recommend checking it out if you want an easy and efficient way of taking text and audio notes during long lectures and seminars.

This is a pretty niche app which has primarily been designed for students, but it should also be quite useful for those of you who attend a lot of courses or seminars in your adult years.

Lecture Recorder


Easily Record Lectures

This app makes a great addition to the Education category of the App Store as it has been designed to make it easier than ever to record audio from lectures while also letting you jot down multiple notes and have them attached to the relevant audio files.

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The way the interface is set up makes it very easy to jump from one note to the next, so if your professor or host is moving around a lot between different subjects then this should definitely come in handy.


Lecture Recorder Add Custom Notes
Lecture Recorder Add Custom Notes

Back Up Your Recordings via Wi-Fi

Lecture Recorder also enables you to edit your recordings and snip off unwanted sections, plus you can share your recordings and written notes with others online via email; this is also useful for sending a copy to yourself.

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If your recordings are particularly long then emailing them might be a little inconvenient, so you’ll be pleased to know that there is also a Wi-Fi transfer facility so that you can easily move your files to your PC or Mac over a network.


Lecture Recorder Easily Record Lectures and Seminars
Lecture Recorder Easily Record Lectures and Seminars

Lecture Recorder


Pros & Cons


  • Record lectures and seminars with ease
  • Add your own written notes to each audio track while recording
  • Save an unlimited number of notes to each recording
  • Add Classes which act as categories for each of your recordings
  • Share your recordings with others online via email
  • Create a handy digital backup copy of your records via Wi-Fi transfer


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Lecture Recorder Manage Your Recordings
Lecture Recorder Manage Your Recordings

Final Words

Lecture Recorder should prove to be quite invaluable for students. The interface is very generic in design and the layout is fairly simplistic and self-explanatory so I would highly recommend considering it as a low-cost audio recording and note-taking utility for your iPhone and iPad.


Lecture Recorder

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