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Forvo Pronunciation app review 2021



Sometimes we struggle to find the right words and other times we struggle to pronounce the words we've found! The Forvo pronunciation app will at least take care of the latter conundrum, all from the ease of your iPhone or iPad.

What we have here is a language pronunciation app for listening and learning pronunciations, and it encompasses over 300 languages, so it's sure to come in handy whether you're looking to learn to pronounce an unfamiliar word in your native language, or a word from a completely new language. 

You can find this app in the Reference section of the App Store, where it can be purchased for just $2.99. Considering the vast and ever-expanding database of words as well as the accessibility of the user interface make it a fantastic deal.

Continue reading our Forvo app review as we take a look at its features and see if it's the best pronunciation app available.

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Forvo Pronunciation


Over 2.5 Million Pronunciations

Forvo Pronunciation is a completely server-based app, which means it comes in an ultra-lightweight package that only takes up 1.7 MB of space on your iOS device. On the down side, this means you'll definitely need an Internet connection in order to use it.

The app interface is highly intuitive, enabling users to being using it even if they have very little experience using Apple apps.

There are over two and a half million pronunciations, and growing, contained in this app spanning over 300 languages, so you can figure out the correct pronunciation whether it's for a new word from your native language or for when you're on a holiday in a country with a different national language.

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Over 2.5 Million Pronunciations  image

Interface & Navigation

The app's interface is very straightforward, with a four-icon menu bar at the bottom of the screen to facilitate navigation between the various sections, namely Home, Search, Top Words, and History.

All the pronunciations included within the app come with a male and female voice and different accents for the same word where applicable.

The Top Words section contains a thousand of the most popular words in every language while the History section will keep track of the words you've recently listened to, so you can go back to and retrieve them easily.

Interface & Navigation image

Forvo Pronunciation


Pros & Cons


  • Access over 2.5 million pronunciations for words spanning 300 languages
  • Listen to male or female voices with native accents pronouncing your chosen word
  • Different accents for the same word are available where applicable
  • Your recent searches are kept on file in the History section for easy retrieval when you need it


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Whether you're a stickler for clear diction and elucidation, or you wish to pick up the pronunciation of words in another language, Forvo Pronunciation is sure to help you speak your chosen words clearly. This handy app is a must-have on your iPhone or iPad for easy reference.

Forvo Pronunciation

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