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Jellybean Tunes app review: encouraging kids musically



Music has a way of appealing to kids of all ages but why not take that interest a little further and give them a fun introduction to actually reading and composing their own music. The Jellybean Tunes app for your iPad does exactly that and acts as a user-friendly tool for kids to use. This musical offering takes a close look at the basics when it comes to reading and composing your own music. There are six different lessons that are professionally narrated and animated and are sure to ignite a spark in your child.

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Jellybean Tunes


Encourage Your Child's Musical Side

The Jellybean Tunes app has been created for kids age six to eight as a way to learn how to read and then compose their very own music. There are a variety of classical songs and kids' music. This interactive app allows kids to sing along with it, record their musical creation, and then play it back for all to enjoy. As mentioned there are six different animated lessons each of which are narrated. Jellybean Tunes features its very own music editor that is kid-friendly. This is what they'll use to add personal touches to their musical masterpieces.

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In the app's most recent update there were a number of enhancements made to the lessons as well as the music notation. The overall effect is a more user-friendly learning environment. This app enjoys a very high customer rating getting four out of five stars from users. Clearly the developer has put a lot of thought into it and it is paying off.

Kids will learn the basics about music theory
Kids will learn the basics about music theory

The Musical Experience

Before taking a look at the features of this app it's important to point out a few items that parents will be happy about. The app is all about ensuring that privacy is kept for users so that means there is no integration with social networks, no collection of personal information, no in-app purchases, no advertising, there are no links to take kids outside the app, and there is no usage reporting tools. You can use this app and know that your personal information is always kept private and secure.

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Now as for the musical aspect of this education app, you'll find that the tools and features have been designed to be kid-friendly. The buttons, notes, and backgrounds are colorful, big, and easy to read/touch. Kids will be taking a hands-on approach to learning and will actually touch the notes as they learn about their sounds and where they go. The music editor is where they can to use this knowledge to create their own song.

Kids can create their own musical masterpiece
Kids can create their own musical masterpiece

Jellybean Tunes


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is kid-friendly and uses big and bright buttons
  • Kids will learn the basics of music theory
  • Kids can write/compose their own music using the knowledge they have learned
  • Kids will be able to enjoy their song in playback


  • It would be great to see the app expand more, offering more teachings 

Jellybean Tunes screenshot
Jellybean Tunes screenshot

Final Words

The Jellybean Tunes app for your iPad is a really fun and interactive way for kids to explore their musical tendencies.


Jellybean Tunes

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