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LEGO Fusion Town Master app review: next-generation LEGO



LEGO Fusion Town Master is one of those apps that really screams “Welcome to the future” right in your face. This app by the LEGO group is designed for use with iPad and iPhone, and needs the specific LEGO bricks you will find in the Town Master set to use. This app reacts to the bricks and will make the town you built with the bricks in real life fully visible in 3D using the app. That’s not it though, as the app also offers tons of different missions for you and your child to try out and challenge your creativity. There are also some mini-games to play to keep you from getting bored. The app weighs in at just under 180 MB.

LEGO® FUSION Town Master



Unlike most other games, the gameplay in LEGO Fusion Town Master is fully based around what you do in real life with the bricks you have received in the Town Master box set. You basically get to build your town in real life and then use the app to map it out in 3D on the device you choose to use. This will magically make citizens appear and you will be able to fully navigate your town and talk to the citizens. These citizens will give you missions and while you explore your virtual town you will be able to do missions for your citizens as well as play mini-games and expand your town even further! You will need to keep your citizens happy to receive more studs for expansion.

Gameplay image

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are very alike previous LEGO games that have appeared on the App Store, such as LEGO Star Wars and similar games. This is not a bad thing and it makes the game look very good in its digital form. You will really see your town come alive and it truly adds a new dimension to playing with LEGO. The sound is really cool as well, mainly due to the city actually coming alive in front of you. I would give this game a 10 out of 10 for presentation if I was giving scores for that.

Graphics and Sound image

LEGO® FUSION Town Master


Pros and Cons


  • A really great blend between app and toy
  • Fantastic graphics, sound and presentation
  • There is always something to do in your town


  • The app only works if you have the Town Master LEGO bricks

Pros and Cons image


As mentioned before, this app truly blurs the line between app and toy, as you will have to build and design buildings in real life and scan them with your app. You can then play mini-games and complete missions for the people living in the virtual town that you built. I have to say that LEGO revolutionized toys once again and they can be very proud of their achievement. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and is just under 180 MB. 

LEGO® FUSION Town Master

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