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Spy Sam Reading Book 3 app review 2021



We've got a really cool kids books app that offers adventure, mystery, and educational benefits of course. The Spy Sam Reading Book 3 app for your iPad offers kids ages five through seven a way to read and expand their vocabulary through a mysterious adventure.

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Instead of a rather standard story that fails to capture the attention of kids, this one feels more like a little mini-movie and draws kids in. The iPad kids books app takes a fun approach to reading so kids feel encouraged to come back and continue to benefit from the learning experience.

Is this one of the best kids books apps for iPad users? Keep reading our Spy Sam Reading Book 3 app review to find out.

Spy Sam Reading Book 3 - Into the Den


Engaging and Fun for Kids

The Spy Sam Reading Book 3 app was actually created by a doctor who was trying to help his young son learn how to read. This is actually a multi-book series that has an interesting plot line that is still age-appropriate.

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What I like about the content is that it doesn't feel like your typical child's reading app; instead, it's like you are giving them a chance to read a grown ups novel, which of course appeals to them.

The book has more than 150 pages, which means there is no shortage of reading material for them yet each page has a maximum of 10 words on it. This ensures that they never feel overwhelmed.

In its most recent update some changes were made to the actual storyline to make it a bit easier for kids to understand. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating or comments.

Engaging and Fun for Kids image

The Reading Experience

What I really appreciate about the Spy Sam Reading Book 3 app is that it always keeps its reader in mind, and with that I mean the vocabulary is age-appropriate and simple for them. The idea is to give kids the confidence they need to read on their own and this can't be done unless the vocabulary is appropriate.

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The pages features cool drawings, there is no reading of the words which means kids need to do it on their own, there are no in-app purchases required, and you can press buttons to help understand the content.

There is even extra attention paid to the needs of children by offering a blue background behind the text which can help children with dyslexia, and there are never page numbers because this can be oft-putting for kids. The overall experience is engaging, entertaining, and user-friendly, all of which is needed in order to succeed.

The Reading Experience image

Spy Sam Reading Book 3 - Into the Den


Pros and Cons


  • Features an intriguing and exciting storyline that is ideal for kids ages five through seven
  • There are no page numbers so kids never feel overwhelmed by how much is left
  • There are more than 150 pages in the story
  • Each page features a maximum of 10 words
  • Great drawings on each page


  • It's a shame this one is only available on the iPad

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Spy Sam Reading Book 3 app is ideal for kids that are learning to read and want a more grown-up-feeling story that challenges them.

Spy Sam Reading Book 3 - Into the Den

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