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23 News to Go app review: Rockford residents rejoice!



If you live in Rockford, Illinois, and are looking for a way to catch up on the latest news events that are unfolding in your area, then you should consider getting the 23 News to Go app on your iPhone or iPad.

This app will bring to your fingertips a unique and comprehensive news reporting experience including the breaking news, sports news, weather forecasts, and plenty more no matter where you are.

You will find this app located in the News section of the App Store where it can be downloaded completely free of charge. This app is supported by ads, so that the user may receive quality news that they deserve without having to pay for it.

23 News to Go


App Features

23 News to Go is the official WIFR app so it will take the top features from the newscast and website over at WIFR and tailors them to suit the compact and bite-sized reading experience that should be provided by news apps.

When you first open up the app, you will be greeted by the main interface which is the 23 News to Go logo perched atop the screen with the blue theme which serves as the perfect frame for the thumbnails displayed to represent the sections within this app.

The sections include everything from the day's top story to the Weather report, Sports news, Newsstand, and the ever popular Andy and Aaron column. The latest Lottery winning numbers can also be checked on this app.

Main interface
Main interface

News Articles & Sharing Options

When you tap on a news story to read it, you will be taken to a new page where the article is formatted to fit the screen of the iOS device you're using, be it an iPhone, iPad, or even the bigger screen of the iPhone 5.

First you'll see a photo related to the story along with the headline, by-line, and date of publishing. Videos, where applicable, can also be viewed from this page, and underneath these options you'll find the text of the article.

On the top right is the familiar sharing action button which allows you to post stories to Twitter or Facebook or even send it via email or text message.

Article layout
Article layout

23 News to Go


Pros & Cons


  • Keeps you in the loop with everything going on in Illinois, be it the latest lottery numbers or the weather forecast
  • Articles are fully optimized to be views on each iOS device
  • Each of the news stories can be shared with ease via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS


  • Since this app is ad-supported, it may put off some users, but I personally think it's a better option than forcing users to pay to access news stories from their city

Weather forecast
Weather forecast

Final Words

I think that 23 News to Go is a really great app for all residents of Rockford, Illinois, so if you live here, definitely check out this iPhone and iPad app so you can stay abreast of all the local events as they unfold from the palm of your hand.


23 News to Go

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