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MixedTape app review: cool playlist creation



MixedTape is an iPhone and iPad app that brings a whole new level of ease and simplicity when it comes to creating playlists of your favorite songs; simply pause the track, resume, and just like magic the app will add it to your chosen playlist.

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I absolutely love the idea behind this app because there are so many apps in the Music category of the App Store that make the process of playlist creation overly complicated and convoluted.

Massive amounts of kudos to the developer for coming up with this idea!



Amazingly Easy Playlist Creation

What we have here is an ingenious little app that you can use to create and manage playlists in a simple and intuitive manner.

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There are two methods you can use to add a track to a playlist with this app:

Firstly, open up MixedTape with your song of choice playing and the track will automatically be added to your playlist. Second, when you’re listening to a track through your headphones, just pause the song and resume it to automatically add it to your playlist.

Easy playlist creation
Easy playlist creation

Share Your Playlists Online

Once you’ve put together a few playlists with MixedTape you’ll be pleased to know that they can then be shared with your friends and family online via Facebook, email, and text message, so be sure to let everyone know how easy this app is to use!

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There isn’t really anything more for me to say about the features of this app because they are fairly limited, but it definitely serves its purpose in a fast and effective manner so I would definitely recommend checking it out.

View your mixed tapes
View your mixed tapes



Pros & Cons


  • Create and manage playlists in a simple and intuitive manner
  • Simply open up the app while listening to a song to add it to your playlist
  • When listening with headphones, just pause the song and resume it to automatically add it to your playlist
  • Share your playlists with others online via Facebook, email, and text message


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Incredibly easy to use
Incredibly easy to use

Final Words

MixedTape is nothing short of fantastic, and I would definitely recommend downloading it onto your iPhone and iPad if you’re looking for a quick and easy way of building playlists without having to do everything manually.



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