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Quote Masters app review



Do you find yourself at a loss for words or constantly searching for that perfect thing to say? The Quote Masters app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will ensure you always have the perfect quote to share or read. What stands out with this app is that it is incredibly compact so it won't take up tons of space on your device unlike many of the other similar themed apps. In fact it is just 4 MB, which is next to nothing. You are provided with more than 1,700 quotes from a variety of authors and entrepreneurs.

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Quote Masters


Find Motivation and Share It

Sometimes all you need in your day is a little motivation to keep moving forward and that's what an quote can offer you. The Quotes Masters app offers more than 1,700 quotes, which means you'll always find the perfect one. While some of these may be familiar to you there are plenty you'll be reading for the first time. The collection is drawn from world-famous authors and entrepreneurs such as Socrates, Mark Twain, Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, and a whole lot more. When you come across a quote that really speaks to you it can be shared by Facebook, Twitter, text message, and email.

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In its most recent update there were a number of bug fixes, the social sharing feature was improved, and there were enhancements made to the graphics and layout of the app. The app currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users who are clearly impressed with the offering.

Enjoy quotes and share them with friends and family
Enjoy quotes and share them with friends and family

Browsing Through the Quotes

Launching Quote Masters I am struck by how much thought has been put into the user interface. It's got this feel to it that it is an ancient archive that you have discovered and in a way it's just that because many of these quotes are so old. The main menu gives you the ability to browse by author, categories, favorites (which you can build a list of), search (for a specific quote), and show randomly.

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Using the app is incredibly smooth and content loads immediately. The quote is followed by the name of the author and you can tap on this name to learn more or be linked to his/her Wikipedia page. While looking at the quotes you can mark any as favorites and share them straight from the quote page. To browse through the quotes doesn't require an Internet connection.

A beautiful user interface
A beautiful user interface

Quote Masters


Pros and Cons


  • The app takes up very little space on your device
  • There is no Internet connection needed in order to browse through the quotes
  • Mark quotes as favorites
  • Share quotes in a number of ways
  • A beautiful user interface


  • There is nothing negative to say

Sort quotes by category
Sort quotes by category

Final Thoughts

The Quote Masters app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a lovely way to find quotes that inspire, motivate, make you laugh, and can just alter your day. This well-designed offering is a wonderful addition to your list of apps.


Quote Masters

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