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Jam Cook app review: expand your recipes



Are you the type who is always on the look-out for new recipes to try that use the simple everyday ingredients you have in your kitchen? The Jam Cook app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone that aims to transform your rather dull repertoire of meals into one that is sure to make everyone sit up and take notice. With this app you'll be able to scroll through a variety of different categories of ingredients and then discover what you can make with them. 

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Jam Cook


Create Tasty Dishes

Why should you settle for dull meals when you could discover new recipes and start enjoying food in a whole new way? What I really enjoy about the Jam Cook app is that it feels no-nonsense, meaning you aren't bombarded by a plethora of features and options. Instead the user interface is simple and focuses on the ingredients and recipes, which means you can find exactly what you want quickly and easily. The app puts the focus on you checking your pantry for the items you have on-hand and create something new and exciting with them.

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The app has recently been updated so that the images download a whole lot faster, making for a great experience. The app scores a perfect five star rating from users who love how easy it is to use, how clear the recipes are written, and the fact that it uses ingredients you have on hand.

Scroll through the various categories
Scroll through the various categories

Finding What You Want

Launch the app and it begins by asking what type of person you may be so that the recipes are ideal for your needs. Choose from single, couple, student, or family. This feature alone in the Jam Cook app is great and really shows how much thought has been put into this app. Next you are taken to the pantry list, so just be sure all the ingredients you have are checked off and if you don't have them, uncheck them. From here the app is able to generate a selection of recipes based on what you have. It's really a genius approach.

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You can scroll through the recipes, all of which have a thumbnail picture, and they give you a percentage of how many of the ingredients you have on hand. Recipes can be marked as a favorite, shared by social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest), and you can also create a shopping list. Recipes can always be filtered by the total time and/or category.

EAsy to follow recipes
EAsy to follow recipes

Jam Cook


Pros and Cons


  • The app is extremely easy to use
  • Search for recipes based on your current pantry ingredients
  • Beautiful pictures with each recipe
  • Recipes are well laid out
  • Mark recipes as favorites
  • Share recipes by social media


  • It would be nice to see the feature list expand with future updates

Gorgeous photos to accompany recipes
Gorgeous photos to accompany recipes

Final Words

The Jam Cook app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a wonderful tool for preparing meals in the kitchen. It is intuitive, easy to use, and filled with all kinds of great recipes.


Jam Cook

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