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TipTotaler app review: split your bill and calculate tips with ease



If you are the kind of person who often finds themselves dining out at a restaurant, be it by yourself or with company, TipTotaler is one app that you should definitely consider purchasing for your iPhone or iPad.

This simple yet highly effective app will enable you to calculate the exact tip, split your bills with others, and even separate the teetotalers from the drinkers, so you can easily and fairly split the cost of the alcohol.

You'll find this app in the Lifestyle section of the App Store and it can be yours for 99 cents only. When you consider that this app has no ads and will likely help you calculate the money owed in a fair and appropriate manner, the cost seems fairly appropriate.

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Precision Calculation

The user interface of TipTotaler is very simple, so it ensures that you don't waste time playing around with your iOS device, and can get to the bill payment and social interactions quickly and easily. It will download at a super fast rate, thanks to its miniscule size of just 0.2 MB.

The main screen consists of various parameters that you can use to quickly enter the data at hand. The basic parameters include the cost of Food, Drinks, and Tax. Enter the values using the receipt for a quick estimate of the bill minus the tax. Numbers are entered using a numerical keypad for added convenience.

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Precision Calculation image

Separate the Teetotalers from the Drinkers!

You can then proceed to enter the number of drinkers, and the number of non-drinkers using a slider for each. There is also a slider available for tipping percentages, which ranges between 0 and 30 percent. This will give you the amount each drinker and each non-drinker needs to contribute towards the bill.

This app also supports various currencies which will display next to your number for better localization, and also gives users the ability to email the bill and calculations directly via this app.

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Separate the Teetotalers from the Drinkers! image

Pros & Cons


  • Calculate the tip for both drinkers and non-drinkers
  • Choose the tip percent ranging from 0 to 30
  • Split the bill between up to 20 drinkers and 20 teetotalers
  • Email the bill with ease
  • Change the currency symbol to reflect your needs


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Although there are plenty of tip-calculation apps available in the App Store, I think TipTotaler sets itself apart by being one of the only ones available that makes the distinction between the people who order drinks and those who don't. The added features of being able to email the bill and picking out currency symbols also stand out. If you're looking for a utility such as this one, get this app on your iPhone or iPad posthaste!

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