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Path Input app review: swipe your way to communication



Path Input is an iPad and iPhone app that assists with typing messages and notes more quickly. Within the app there are note-saving options, and also export and copying to other applications. The idea is that rather than lifting your fingers to type, you simply slide, or swipe, your finger from letter to letter to achieve the same thing.

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Path Input: A Swipe Keyboard for iPad


Why Bother

When I first heard of these apps, I wasn't sure if I would ever try an app like Path Input. It seemed like it would be difficult to draw a line from letter to letter when I could just thumb type it, or full on use my typing skills on my iPad. If you are a one-finger typist though, then this app was designed for you.

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What I like is that you can slide your finger rather than lifting your one finger all the time. Once you know where the keys are, then typing with a finger slide app is great. Path Input also includes word prediction, smart spacing, and other great features that make typing a message or note that much easier.


Extra Features

Path Input has lots of great features such as smart spacing to insert the space so you don't lift your finger between words, and text prediction so when you swipe "good," for example, you don't get "God." It will capitalize for you, add some punctuation, but you can also swipe in the punctuation when needed in theory. I say in theory, because try as I may, I could not get the app to insert punctuation. This isn't a big deal, though, as I could easily tap the punctuation and go back to my swipe testing.

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Once your note is ready, you can export with one click to messages, mail, or to social media. Additionally, you can choose to copy your text to any text application you have on your device such as Evernote, Notes, Pages, and more.

Options for exporting your text
Options for exporting your text

Path Input: A Swipe Keyboard for iPad


Pros & Cons


  • Lots of great features
  • One-touch copy
  • Easy export
  • Text prediction
  • Smart spacing


  • Punctuation can be tricky
  • Better for the one-finger typist

Language support options
Language support options

Final Thoughts

Path Input is a great app for those who type with one finger. If you are texting one-handed with the baby on your hip, or simply haven't yet mastered thumb typing, then this app will be a great help. I love that you can save your notes right in the app, but that you can also choose to export to your favorite writing program. Overall, this is a great app that does a great job of assisting with writing, but the punctuation predictor is a bit wonky. I still prefer to thumb type on my iPhone or use my typing skills on my iPad, but I can see where an app such as this would be an asset to the one-finger typist.


Path Input: A Swipe Keyboard for iPad

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