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Move app review: Daily activity to stay healthy



Move - Daily activity to stay healthy is an iPad and iPhone app that motivates you to do sets of small movements to help you to gain strength throughout the day. It is customizable by the time of day your reminders will sound, and the frequency. It also keeps a log of the moves you have completed so you can look back at your accomplishments.

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Move - Daily activity to stay healthy


Just Get Up and Move!

It's not hard to get a bit of daily fitness in when you turn Move's reminders on. I have mine set for every 45 minutes, the longest duration, so that I can get some work done too!  If you're trying to get your moves synchronized with your breaks, then this is likely the best option, however, it also only takes a couple of seconds to whip out 20 body weight squats, or 10 push-ups. If you work in a cubicle, then you have enough space, and no one will even notice!

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What I love is that it only takes a couple seconds, you check done, and off you go, back to work. Or, if you prefer, then you can do several moves and get a pretty good workout! The moves are random, so sometimes you get a series of different types of squats for example. If you're already in pretty good shape, this isn't a big deal, but otherwise this is usually when I take a break until my next alarm!

Motivation screen
Motivation screen

Other Uses

Other uses for the Move app would include a reminder for teachers to get their students up to move! If I was still teaching, I would love to use this app in class! It is recommended to do at least 20 minutes of Quality Daily Physical Activity, or QDPA, every day in the Ontario curriculum. With the reminders, you can easily do five minutes four times a day and it is quality muscle strength activity, not just running around playing tag.

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Another use would be to get someone recovering from an injury to do small movements. Anyone can do five push-ups once every 45 minutes, so just coach them that they don't have to do the full number, but set it as a goal.

Selection of exercises
Selection of exercises

Move - Daily activity to stay healthy


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Customizable time range
  • Customizable alert frequency
  • Many moves with video links to help you if you don't know how to do the move
  • Option to buy more packs for the office, specific to beginners, yoga, and stretch each $0.99 or all $2.99
  • Custom field to add your own


  • No setting for beginner but you can uncheck the moves with more reps or purchase to add-on

Setting options
Setting options

Final Thoughts

Move - Daily activity to stay healthy is an iPad and iPhone app to get you up and moving! I love this app as it is so versatile. You can select the frequency, the duration throughout the day, and even hit no weekends, or take today off if you're driving all day for example. This app would be great for an office worker, someone recovering from an injury, teachers for their students, and everyone else! It is very well-developed, and I would recommend it to everyone!


Move - Daily activity to stay healthy

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