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Debt Free app review: pay off your debt



Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt With Debt Snowball Method is an iPhone and iPad financial app that helps you monitor your debts to get them paid off faster. It also calculates mortgages, future loans, and you can calculate how much faster you can pay off the debt if you make additional payments.

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Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt


Monitor Your Debts for Faster Repayment

No one wants to look at their debts, but when you use Debt Free, you can look and see your total debt load, and how soon you will be out of debt. I entered my debts to try out the app, and liked that I could see how soon we would be debt-free. In the total debt field, your mortgage is included, so be prepared for a higher debt report than you may have thought. Banks don’t usually take your mortgage into consideration other than the fact that you are repaying it according to agreement.

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There are many different calculators in this app including a debt list to track your existing debts, reports to see how your debts stack up, and finance calculators for PayOff date, loan calculations, and Mortgage calculations.


Know Your Finances

I would encourage anyone to know their finances, and Debt Free makes tracking this easy. Additionally, you can calculate how fast you can pay off your debts with extra payments, how soon you will get your car paid off, and you can also view the amortization of the loan. I really appreciate this feature, because without interest you would expect the loan to decrease by how much your payment is. This is not now loans work though, as there is always interest! The amortization list shows you how much you’ve paid on your principal loan, and how much interest you paid. It is a good teaching tool for kids too, to show them why you use cash whenever possible, and save up for items rather than pay mostly interest!

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Calculating a loan
Calculating a loan

Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Add as many debts as required including the money you owe your friend for your concert tickets
  • Amortization reports
  • Payoff date calculator
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Loan calculator


  • Cannot sort the loans in a specific order to your preference
  • Uses snowball method to pay off the lowest dollar amount first rather than the highest interest item first

Debt report by category
Debt report by category

Final Thoughts

Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt With Debt Snowball Method is an iPhone and iPad app that helps you manage your financial debts by tracking them and viewing how much they decrease each month. You can add credit cards, but these tend to be a revolving debt. I like this app because I can see my debt standing, but it includes my mortgage and the only way to fix this is to delete it from my list. I want to see my mortgage decrease too, so I just have to subtract my mortgage from the total debt load. Overall, it is a well-designed app if you want to use the snowball method of repayment.


Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt

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