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TeacherKit app review: everything a teacher needs 2021



TeacherKit - Class Organizer, Teacher Planner, Gradebook, Assignment List, Attendance and Student's Grade Tracker is an app for teachers that can be used on the iPhone and iPad.

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The Teacher Kit app tracks attendance, and with purchase of add-ons, also tracks grades, assignments, sets periods, and more! To see if it's one of the best iPhone apps for teachers, or for your specific teaching needs, check out our TeacherKit app review below.



Keep Your Records Portable and Accessible

Track your student’s attendance easily on your device with TeacherKit. I downloaded it to track my after school program attendance, and it is great for that! I just click on the after school program icon, then the students, and they’re checked in for my billing purposes.

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I also appreciate that I can track any behavior issues right in the app. I can add custom fields for positive or negative behavior such as Great Helper or Temper Tantrum, click the thumbs up or thumbs down, and add notes as necessary to talk to parents later.

I also like that I can save the student’s contact information right in the student’s field. This makes sharing their important notes with support staff, your principal, and more straightforward and easy.

Keep Your Records Portable and Accessible image

Additional Features

TeacherKit also allows you to organize your class, set up period times, and email assignments to your students. You can even email a specific student record to a parent should they inquire about their child.

I appreciate these features, as often times teachers are put under pressure to prove that the student has been misbehaving, not handed in assignments, and so on. With the evidence provided as collected with this app, it will be easy for a teacher to support their stance.

Another added benefit is that a teacher can look back on positive behavior! Often times, teachers like to give students thank you cards to motivate them to keep up the good work. With this app, again you can look up positive notes and share with your colleagues, but also with your students through thank you cards and as personalized comments on report cards.

Additional Features image



Pros & Cons


  • Free features
  • Track your student’s attendance
  • Track your class attendance in absences vs attended
  • Add custom fields for illness, other, and so on
  • Create a grade book with class averages
  • Keep your student’s contact information at the ready


  • Not all features are free and $5.99 is pretty pricey
  • There is a learning curve to get started but then it’s pretty user friendly

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

TeacherKit - Class Organizer, Teacher Planner, Gradebook, Assignment List, Attendance and Student's Grade Tracker is an iPhone and iPad assistant app for teachers. It allows you to track attendance, positive and negative behavior, grades, and so much more.

It really is an all inclusive app, and there are both free features and paid features. The full version is $5.99, but if I was still teaching in a classroom, I would absolutely consider it worth the money to utilize all of the features of this app.


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