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Don't Drop That! app review



If you're tired of the same old games that just don't challenge you enough we've got a game that is sure to leave you frustrated as you try to master it! The Don't Drop That! app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will provide you with a challenge that is as fun as it is frustrating. As the developer explains this is a minimalist approach to an arcade game so you'll have no trouble understanding it. It is all about chain reaction; whatever you do will cause a reaction. The key is to set it up so you cause the right one.

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Don't Drop That!


No Room for Errors

The Don't Drop That! app is the kind of game that is very unforgiving; you make a wrong move and it's game over for you. This one is entirely skill-based so you'll need to really watch what you're doing and focus. In this game there are a number of random shapes that are falling into plasma that is boiling hot. This causes a chain reaction that is massive and catastrophic, causing an overflow. Your job in this game is to catch the shapes by piloting the stick. By catching the shapes you'll in fact be saving all of humanity: no pressure or anything.

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This game is a brand-new release and doesn't currently have a customer rating or updates. Customer comments so far are extremely positive with the users loving the gameplay. The game is free to download and play however if you want to remove the ads you can do so with a $0.99 in-app purchase.

Get ready for fast-paced unforgiving gameplay
Get ready for fast-paced unforgiving gameplay

The Gameplay Experience

Taking a look at some of the gameplay features the app doesn’t have any time limits or limits in general, you can play as long as you want. The app also supports Game Center leaderboards for even more of a challenge. Once you get used to the game you’ll find it simple to control since it uses realistic physics. The graphics obviously feel like a retro-style arcade game complete with the bright colors and fun music.

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You are given a quick little description of the game controls, which couldn’t be simpler and from there you’re ready to start playing. I have to say the game really does pack in the challenge, as I have played multiple times now and made very little progress since that first try. This is the exact factor that makes it so addictive however and makes you come back to try again.

Enjoyable arcade sounds and graphics
Enjoyable arcade sounds and graphics

Don't Drop That!


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use game controls
  • Simple instructions
  • The app supports Game Center
  • There are no time limits so you can play as long as you like
  • Has cool arcade music and graphics


  • The game doesn’t have added features and tools it is a very simple game concept

Share your score
Share your score

Final Thoughts

The Don’t Drop That! app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is great for casual gameplay that will have you hooked pretty much instantly.


Don't Drop That!

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