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BeerMap app review



If you are looking to discover new beers or fancy yourself a beer connoisseur, then BeerMap is one app that you should definitely check out on your iPhone or iPad.

This app enables people to network and share information based on their love of this delightful beverage so that others can also take advantage of their discoveries.

You'll find this app in the Reference section of the App Store where it can be downloaded completely free of charge. It will also only take up 15.3 MB of space on your iOS device, so you won't have to clear up any space to accommodate it.

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Find Your Taste

The user interface for BeerMap is simple and clean, yet modern-looking. It comprises of a five-icon navigation menu at the bottom of the screen, which will allow users to easily jump to various sections of the app.

These sections include Tastes, Search, Taste, Find, and Profile. Let me explain: a “Taste” is a contribution provided by a user of this app which includes a beer rating, notes, perhaps a photograph, and the location of where the brew was tasted, be it a pub or restaurant.

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Add Taste
Add Taste

Explore & Discover

The Tastes section will list out all the various reviews written by users and these can also be seen on a map which will enable you to find a place near you that does good beers or has a new kind of beer that you're yet to try.

Set up your profile and keep track of the number of Tastes you have uploaded, as well as the collection of “beer miles” that you can proudly show off to your friends.

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Map View
Map View



Pros & Cons


  • A social network for all beer lovers to assemble and share their love of this delightful beverage
  • Set up your own profile and write a review, or a “Taste” of the beers you've tried and where you've tried them
  • Find new places near you with ease to try out new beers and visit reliably good pubs and restaurants
  • Map-based view lets you find places for good beer with GPS integration
  • Rate, comment, and like others' reviews


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Add photos
Add photos

Final Words

I think that BeerMap is like Facebook for beer lovers, so if you are the kind of person who enjoys a good brew, then you should definitely grab this app on your iPhone or iPad. Highly recommended!



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