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Emergency Help app review: reach out for help easily



Emergency Help is an iPhone app that allows you to contact an emergency contact with the push of a button. Often when you are in a crisis, scrolling through your contacts is difficult to do but pushing one app button is a lot easier!

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Emergency Help


Why Get This App

I downloaded Emergency Help because I am often alone with the kids. My husband travels for work, and I need to be able to get help quickly should an emergency arise. I have had many nightmares wherein I could not dial 911 in such times, so having an app ready to go in such an instance is one less thing for me to worry about.

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There are many features in this app. If you feel that you are going to go unconscious, then you can turn on an emergency sound for people to find you. You can also send an emergency photo of your location, and a GPS location. Because the SMS system can get overloaded in mass emergency situations such as what happened on 9/11, there is also the option of sharing your emergency beacon by Facebook.

Main options screen
Main options screen

Test It Before You Need It

There is a test call and a test SMS option in the Emergency Help app. The SMS simply informs the recipient that this is a test. I haven’t seen an actual emergency message, and I would really like to see what that looks like.

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The idea that there is a map point, and an emergency beacon sound really makes this app appealing to me. Like I mentioned, I am often alone with the kids, and while my oldest is 11, and even my middle who is 6 could likely call 911 to get help, telling them where we are would not be as easy. Telling them how to send a help call to my emergency contacts, however, is absolutely doable. The downfall here is that 911 won’t have been called if we are in a car crash, for example.

Setting up contacts
Setting up contacts

Emergency Help


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great for getting help if you are lost
  • Great for getting help if you need help but are not at risk of dying such as broken car
  • In a huge emergency such as 9/11 the SMS lines were over loaded so social media share options are good


  • Not helpful for a life threatening emergency unless your contact has more than one phone and can call 911 for you following the contact

Contact input field
Contact input field

Final Thoughts

Emergency Help is a great iPhone app for making sure that if you become lost, need a ride, or some other situation where you require help you can get the message out easily, including a photo, your GPS location, and turn on an optional sound beacon. Overall, this app is well-designed and has a lot of great features. My only concern is that I would not be able to reach 911 if I had a serious emergency occurring.


Emergency Help

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