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HomeRoutines app review



If you're a parent then you likely lead a very busy life, which actually seems to get out of control here and there. The HomeRoutines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is classed as a productivity app that helps you get organized and really take control of your life. With this app you'll be able to set up routine checklists complete with reminder notifications. When your task is completed you're rewarded with a gold star. There is plenty of customization options here meant to make the app a smart choice. 

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Home Routines


Set Up and Follow Your Routine

There's a good chance you have a routine in place in your home that helps you work through all the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. When it isn't laid out or mapped out sometimes things can slip by unnoticed and you can start feeling a bit scattered. The HomeRoutines app can make your life a whole lot easier because it takes care of the organization and reminder aspects. Go ahead and set up your routine checklist for the day, week, or month and then check them off as you finish them. You can assign the task with a specific day as well. Each time your finish a task a gold star is awarded, just to keep you feeling great and motivated.

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Once you make the initial app purchase you'll be set with all the features and tools. The app was updated this year with a number of minor bug fixes. It currently has four out of five stars from users who have commented on how helpful it is.

Set up your daily tasks
Set up your daily tasks

Make Your Life Easier

Who doesn't love a tool that can make your life easier, smoother, and more organized? The HomeRoutines app aims to do that and offers plenty of features to help you out. Besides being able to create the room checklists there is the ability to set up recurring housework that is meant to go with the routine/flow of your own house. A cool feature is the "Focus Zones" where you will be able to add all the rooms of your house and then create their own specialized cleaning lists. This is a great way to keep track of chores that aren’t necessarily done every day so they may get forgotten otherwise. With these Focus Zones you can set up seven zones maximum.

Now if you really want to motivate or rather challenge yourself there are also built-in timers so you can time just how long you take to complete a task once you get started.

Create Focus Zones
Create Focus Zones

Home Routines


Pros and Cons


  • The app is able to conform to your needs and is fully customizable
  • The ability to set up recurring house chores
  • Set up to-do lists
  • Set up reminders
  • There is a built-in timer so you can time how long it takes to complete tasks
  • Set up focus zones in your house with their own list


  • There is nothing negative to say about it

List all your completed task
List all your completed task

Final Thoughts

If you’re a busy parent looking for an app that goes a little further offering complete customization when it comes to organization, then the HomeRoutines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may be just the option.


Home Routines

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