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Puzzlfy app review: for the love of jigsaw puzzles 2021



If jigsaw puzzles are your thing then why not enjoy a jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone or iPad everywhere you go? The Puzzlfy app takes away the mess that jigsaw puzzles often create on your table and gives you all the challenge you want in a portable way.

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What's cool is that this Puzzify jigsaw app allows you  to create the puzzles by taking a picture or using an existing one and then puzzlyfy-ing it. You will then get to piece together your very own personalized jigsaw puzzle.

Let's take a closer look in our Puzzify app review to see if it's one of the best jigsaw puzzle apps in the app store. 

Puzzlfy – Jigsaw Puzzles


Launch the Puzzles and Fun

Puzzlfy is all about challenge and fun in a unique way. As mentioned you will be using your own photos to make jigsaw puzzles out of but it's not just pictures.

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Puzzlfy is blowing the competition out of the water by offering users a way to turn a video into a puzzle as well. This means you'll have an endless amount of puzzle options.

The app can be enjoyed by kids and adults; just change the difficulty level as you have four to choose from. The difficulty level is what determines the number of puzzle pieces.

The app has recently been updated with bug fixes, it offers an easier mode for toddlers with just four pieces, and it now supports iOS 8. The developer also has plans of another update in the future. Users are loving this app and give it a perfect five star rating.

The app states it's for ages six through eight but really it can be used by younger and older, as this one feels incredibly versatile.

Launch the Puzzles and Fun image

Solving the Puzzles

While Puzzlfy offers a challenging experience, the controls couldn't be smoother or simpler. This is part of the reason kids absolutely love it. Be sure to check out the sticker collection that can be added to any of the puzzles for an added element of whimsy.

While there is a lot of focus on how fun this app is for kids, I really feel as though adults can have just as much fun since you are the one who determines the puzzle picture/video and difficulty level.

Speaking of creating the puzzles, if you'd rather, you can make puzzles out of the photos and videos provided in the app. The app supports achievements, allows players to turn the puzzle piece silhouette on/off, and to turn the puzzle piece outline on/off.

Solving the Puzzles image

Puzzlfy – Jigsaw Puzzles


Pros and Cons


  • The game is incredibly user-friendly
  • Create puzzles out of your own photos or videos
  • Create puzzles out of the photos or videos provided in the app
  • Choose from four difficulty levels
  • The app supports achievements
  • Ideal for toddlers through adults


  • There is nothing negative to say

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Puzzlfy app for your iPad is a great way to pass time in a fun and challenging way. Nothing beats solving a puzzle that uses one of your own pictures or videos, as it adds even more fun to the game.

Puzzlfy – Jigsaw Puzzles

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