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emotionary + by Funny Feelings ® app review 2021



Bringing a refreshingly new concept to the Social Networking category of the App Store is the wonderfully well-conceived emotionary + by Funny Feelings ® emojis for iPhone and iPad, designed to let you express yourself in a variety of fun and personalized ways.

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After seeing so many emoticon and iPhone emojis apps, most of which are basically carbon copies of one another, it really is great to see that the developer of emotionary has made an effort to provide something a little different to the genre.

For more details on this good emojis app for iPhone and iPad, keep reading our emotionary + by Funny Feelings ® app review below.

emotionary + by Funny Feelings ®


Experience Newfound Freedom of Expression

What we have here is a fresh addition to the very same category of emoticon apps which gives you a kind of visual dictionary of emotions totaling more than a hundred, each of which comes with its own emoticon that you can use to effectively express your mood and feelings in just about any context.

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As if that wasn’t enough, a recent update to this app has also added a brand-new feature for you to create your own emotionary-style emoticons from scratch so that you can create some very quirky and original designs to really let people know what you think!

Experience Newfound Freedom of Expression image

For the Expressive and Inhibited Alike!

I think my favorite thing about emotionary + by Funny Feelings ® is that is goes above and beyond the usual collection of smileys you see in this sort of app.

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Instead of having to choose from a generic collection of Emoji art icons, the freedom given in this app means that people who ordinarily find it difficult to express themselves can now do so in a visual and rather light-hearted fashion.

I personally think that this is an awesome concept and I would definitely recommend it to people young and old who often feel a little bound up emotionally.

For the Expressive and Inhibited Alike! image

emotionary + by Funny Feelings ®


Pros & Cons


  • Express yourself with a visual dictionary of emotions
  • Includes a collection of more than 100 emoticons to help you better express your feelings
  • Create your own emoticons from scratch to express new or unusual moods
  • Provides a fun and constructive way for people to express themselves if they ordinarily find it difficult to do so


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Whether you have trouble expressing yourself through ordinary means or you simply want a medium through which to share some of your quirkier attributes, emotionary + by Funny Feelings ®  is definitely going to make a worthwhile addition to your iPhone and iPad!  

emotionary + by Funny Feelings ®

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