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Piano Master app review



Piano Master for iPad and iPhone is a piano-playing game where in the keys fall from the top of the screen and you must hit them in the appropriate rhythm. It is similar to the Guitar Hero games in that the notes fall and you must play them at the proper time.

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Piano Master


Playing the Game

Piano Master is a fun game to play for the piano player. You can start on easy to learn the keys, which are labeled, and work your way up to more difficult songs. Some of the very easy songs are Happy Birthday and Ode to Joy. I appreciate that the songs are a variety of lengths, so that you can start with a little 20- to 30-second song and then work your way up to a full song of three to four minutes.

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As a piano player, I started with a very easy song to check out the controls, and then scrolled to my favorite piano song, Canon in D. Interestingly, it is in C in the app, so even though I could play it easily sitting at a piano, I had to shift my regular keys. It also is a song that uses almost all of the keys, so the limited screen size made that difficult. Rather than the keys becoming too small for your fingers, however, the keyboard scrolls side to side. This too made things more complicated as you have to keep your fingers ready to move with the keyboard.

Playing the Game image

Beat Your Score

Just like in Guitar Hero, the piano app tracks your score and gives you a grade. Each time you can create combos and hit the keys right at the right time, you get a better score. I appreciate that there are very easy, easy, normal, hard, and very hard levels. This gives a great variety of difficulties for the beginner right through to the more accomplished pianist.

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I also appreciate the collection of songs. There are more than 35 songs and five expansion packs including holiday music, anthems, and more.

Beat Your Score image

Piano Master


Pros & Cons


  • Great selection of music
  • Five levels to play
  • More than 35 songs
  • Five expansion packs


  • It is difficult to play the songs on a scrolling keyboard when the song uses all the keys

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Piano Master is an iPhone and iPad piano app that allows the beginner and the accomplished pianist to play beautiful music. With five difficulty levels, and over 35 songs to choose from, you can start with very easy and work your way up. Overall, this app is well-thought-out, including the scrolling keyboard when you need keys not currently visible. While this makes it difficult to keep up to the moving keys when you are used to moving your arm, it is still a great app that has a lot of fun to try and beat your best score.

Piano Master

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