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TimeShutter app review: watch yourself grow up! 2021



If you've ever wanted to see yourself aging then creating a time-lapse view is perhaps one of the best ways to do so. TimeShutter - Time-lapse your daily selfies is a daily selfie app that will let you create a time-lapse pics of yourself using selfies taken from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.

You can create an awesome time-lapse of yourself completely free of charge; all you have to do is grab this time-lapse photo album app from the Photo & Video section of the App Store and start the process posthaste!

Continue reading our Timeshutter app review to see how the aging process with this app works along with some if its other cool features. 

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TimeShutter - Time-lapse your daily selfies


Set Reminders & Shoot Simultaneous Albums

TimeShutter - Time-lapse your daily selfies takes up a mere 14.9 MB of space on your iOS device, and brings its users a delightful user interface to work with. Not only is it simple enough for a newbie to use, but it also is powerful and has just the right features to create a decent time-lapse.

Whether you want to take photos on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, this app will allow you to import multiple images with ease. You can even set up reminders that will prompt you to take your selfie so you never miss a day, week, or month.

This app supports multiple albums so you can not only track your own growth, but also babies, puppies, flowers, or anything else that tickles your fancy simultaneously.

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Set Reminders & Shoot Simultaneous Albums image

Editing & Saving Tools

Each of the photos you import are brought into the app at the highest quality possible based on your iOS camera and photography conditions. All the metadata tags will also be preserved so you know the time, location, and date of the photographs taken along with other rich metadata information.

There are also a whole bunch of tools you can use to ensure the photos are all lined up perfectly, including a guideline overlay tool, alignment tool, and cropping tool. All these tools are gesture-based to boot!

When you're in the mood for sharing either segments or the entire time-lapse, you can export it to your camera roll in video format, or share it via social media networks in GIF and video formats.

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Editing & Saving Tools image

TimeShutter - Time-lapse your daily selfies


Pros & Cons


  • Capture subtle changes over the months and years
  • Take daily, weekly, or monthly photos with built-in reminders
  • Gesture-based overlay and editing tools
  • Supports more than one time-lapse at a time
  • Video and GIF format is supported
  • Preserves metadata tags for review down the line


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

TimeShutter - Time-lapse your daily selfies is a fantastic app with just the right features and devoid of any unnecessary tools or in-app purchases. This free app is a must-have on your iPhone or iPad as it'll help you capture some of life's incredible moments and give perspective on the arrow of time. Highly recommended!

TimeShutter - Time-lapse your daily selfies

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