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Guide for Runescape 1,2&3 app review



If you're a fan of MMORPGs and can't get enough of the Runescape series, then it might be worth checking out the Guide for Runescape 1,2&3 app for your iPhone and iPad.

This app is not just a simple guide with walkthroughs; rather, it's a comprehensive database with all you need to know about the items, monsters, areas, armor, and everything else included in this game. The app even has an online community to boot!

You can download Guide for Runescape 1,2&3 from the Reference section of the App Store where it can be purchased for just 99 cents.

Let's take a look at its features.

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Guide for Runescape 1,2&3


User Interface & Layout

Guide for Runescape 1,2&3 has a really simple user interface to enable easy browsing as well as powerful search functions to find exactly what you are looking for. The interface has a five-icon menu at the bottom of the screen to navigate between the various sections and function of the app.

In this app, you'll find complete walkthroughs of all the quests and side-quests, whether it's a village quest or guild quest. If you are new to the game or revisiting it after a long time, you will benefit from the tutorials section of the app as well. Video tips are also included to help you get a thorough understanding of the game.

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Discover enemy stats
Discover enemy stats

Strategize and Socialize!

When you come across any hurdles in the game, and you can't get past the sticking point, you can use the Search function to figure out a solution to the problem. There are complete stats on the Armor, Items, Monsters, Drops, and Skills to ensure that you find the right strategy to get through any difficult bits.

Calculators are also available in case you wish to find out whether you will be able to defeat a monster or complete a quest using your current inventory.

There is also an integrated social function where you can talk about the game, receive tips, give advice, and discuss the general awesomeness of this series with other users of this app as well as your friends. This makes the app a well-rounded and must-have for all the fans of the Runescape series.

Integrated chat functions
Integrated chat functions

Guide for Runescape 1,2&3


Pros & Cons


  • Receive complete stats on the monsters, drops, skills, items, and armor
  • Integrated calculators
  • Video tips and tutorials
  • Beat your friends with awesome strategies for Village as well as Guild quests
  • Talk to your friends and other users of the app about the game


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Test your knowledge
Test your knowledge

Final Words

Guide for Runescape 1,2&3 is a really comprehensive, easy-to-use, and helpful guide for Runescape lovers. Whether you are just starting out with one of the Runescape games, or you are a savant, you will stand to gain a lot out of this iPhone and iPad app.


Guide for Runescape 1,2&3

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