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ICU Pearls app review 2021



If you work in the medical field then you are well aware of the massive amount of information you need to know and the fact that things can change. The ICU Pearls nurses app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a source of critical care tips that can prove invaluable for nurses and doctors.

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Because it's a reference app for nurses you'll have it handy all the time without having to search for a cumbersome book. If you're interested in this top app for nurses then check out our ICU Pearls app review for more details about all of its features. 

ICU Pearls Critical Care tips for doctors, nurses


Browse Through the Pearl of Wisdom

The ICU Pearls app is basically a database of pearls of wisdom when it comes to critical care that nurses and doctors need to provide. There are actually more than 2,000 of these tips in the app.

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Even if you are a medical student this app can prove to be extremely helpful by giving you a new tip each and every day.

The developers try to update the information on a regular basis so that you are getting current tips. There is six years’ worth of pearls of wisdom so you can actually search by the year if you like. The actual pearls of wisdom have been written by medical professors and critical care doctors.

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Searching for Tips

When it comes to using the ICU Pearls app it is quite user-friendly. As mentioned you can search by year and when you come across tips you want to remember you can mark them as a favorite.

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There are links to references so you can dig a little deeper, you can increase the font size to suit your preference, and tips can be sent to others by email.

Navigation of the app can be accessed along the bottom bar on the screen. It's here you can access your favorite tips, perform a search, read the pearls of wisdom, and see the help tool.

As you read through the pearls you’ll find they are pretty short and to the point, which is exactly why you may wish to click on the reference link to learn more.

The app itself is a bit dull and not very engaging, but for this one it's really about the content. It would be nice to see some more multi-media used just to help with these tips.

Searching for Tips image

ICU Pearls Critical Care tips for doctors, nurses


Pros and Cons


  • Discover more than 2,000 pearls of wisdom
  • Share tips by email
  • Save tips to your favorites list
  • Pearls have reference links that you can click on


  • The app isn’t very engaging

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The ICU Pearls app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to access tips that can help medical students and professionals. The app is fairly user-friendly but a bit dull in its presentation.

ICU Pearls Critical Care tips for doctors, nurses

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