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Construction Crew app review: time to get digging



There's no need to head to a construction site just to enjoy a little digging action thanks to this game. The Construction Crew app is a brand-new release for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives players the ability to drive 12 different constructions vehicles. In the process you will be working your way through the over 45 levels as you take on the tough tasks that only construction crew and vehicles are capable of. This one can be played by both kids and adults, making it a fun offering for all ages.

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Construction Crew


Jump in the Action

With the Construction Crew app you'll be jumping right into the middle of the action in this construction site. There are more than 45 levels to work your way through and three different worlds. You will be able to experience driving 12 different vehicles such as dumpsters, forklifts, tractors, ships, cranes, and trucks. As mentioned this game can be played by all ages but kids will tend to really enjoy it. It can even be educational for them as they will be learning what all these different vehicles are and what they do.

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As mentioned this is a brand-new release and with that in mind it doesn't yet have any updates or a customer rating. You will, however, find very complimentary customer reviews regarding the gameplay.

Solve the puzzles using the construction vehicles
Solve the puzzles using the construction vehicles

Puzzling Good Times

The Construction Crew app is perfect for those who enjoy games that have a puzzle twist to them. The app uses realistic physics, making it easier to understand and some really fun graphics, animations, and sound effects. While the app isn't going to strike you as high-tech, what it does offer it has done really well with a very polished finish. When you launch the game you’ll be able to adjust a few of the settings: you can turn the sounds and music on/off. That’s about it as far as the settings go. When you’re ready to start playing there is only one world that is unlocked to begin with. You need to work your way through the current level in order to move on to the next and keep in mind the challenge increases as you go.

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The game has you maneuvering items in a puzzle manner; for instance, move the box-shaped item into the box outline. In this sense it’s a great learning experience for kids as they learn how to control the vehicles and match up the items/shapes as they solve the puzzles.

Levels increase in difficulty as you play
Levels increase in difficulty as you play

Construction Crew


Pros and Cons


  • The entire user interface is kid-friendly
  • Kids need to solve these puzzles using logic
  • The app responds with realistic physics
  • Cute graphics and sound effects
  • The levels increase in difficulty as you play


  • Kids who are unable to read yet will need an adult’s help as the instructions are written out

Challenging gameplay
Challenging gameplay

Final Thoughts

The Construction Crew app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a fun way for kids to learn about construction vehicles, solving puzzles, and just having a good time.


Construction Crew

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