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Piano Tiles app review: watch the tiles



We've got an app that combines fabulous piano music with some challenging gaming action. The Piano Tiles app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and involves you being sure not to tap on the white tiles. The game is incredibly addictive and there are over 20 game modes to choose from. It’s more than just the gameplay though, as you’ll be able to enjoy music while you’re at it; in fact, you can create your own playlist.

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Piano Tiles ™


Not So Easy to Master

The Piano Tiles app is one of those games that seems really easy in theory but is incredibly challenging to master, which of course makes it all the more addictive. As mentioned you've got over 20 different game modes so you'll never feel bored or that the game is repetitive. The app supports Leaderboards so you can see how you're doing next to your friends on Twitter and Facebook. The customizable playlist and piano soundtracks help to set the atmosphere and the gameplay itself is very polished. You can even customize the look of the game thanks to the variety of color options and themes.

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The game is free to download and play but it is supported by ads which can be removed as a $0.99 in-app purchase. It has just recently been updated with a number of updates and improvements, new modes of play, and additional features. The game currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Browsing through the customer comments you'll find that players love the new challenges that have been added, and the fact it really keeps you focused.

Choose your game mode
Choose your game mode

The Gameplay Experience

When you launch the Piano Tiles app you will be taken to the menu of game modes. Each one has a different feel and music so it’s fun to try them all out. The gameplay is really quite simple: just tap on the black squares and avoid the white ones. You need to go as fast as possible and you’ll be creating music as you go. If you tap on a white square the game is over for you. I thought the game wouldn’t offer enough of a challenge but that first time you tap on the white square, and it will happen, you find yourself surprised because this game actually is pretty difficult to master.

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Unlike some of the users who have left comments I haven't experienced any issues, crashing, or bugs at all with the game.

Easy to understand gameplay
Easy to understand gameplay

Piano Tiles ™


Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of game modes to choose from
  • The game is very easy to understand and the controls are simple to use
  • Create music as you play
  • Your scores can be shared with friends and family


  • Some users have experienced glitches with the gameplay


Final Words

The Piano Tiles app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a smooth, addictive, and challenging game that will have you hooked instantly. The vast variety of game modes will keep you coming back for more.


Piano Tiles ™

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