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Mobicip Safe Browser app review



Mobicip Safe Browser by is a safe browser for iOS devices that will help you ensure your children enjoy a safe, age-appropriate Internet browsing experience. What a perfect way to celebrate National Child Safety Protection month! It’s been in the top 100 of the App Store for more than three years and was a Parents’ Choice Award winner. The New York Times said it “works exactly like Safari.” Built by a team of parents who wanted to provide a rich, Safari-like browser while ensuring the user had a safe Internet experience, Mobicip really delivers. The private browser app offers auto-hide toolbars and fullscreen mode on iPhone and iPod touch, and tabbed browsing on the iPad.

Mobicip - Parental Control App


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Additionally, you get pinch and zoom function, landscape or portrait mode, bookmarks, bookmark folders, URL history and suggestions, multiple windows, copy and paste ability, persistent cookies, and the option to save images. It really does offer a Safari-like browsing experience. You can set the filtering level to one appropriate to your child’s age: Elementary, Middle, or High School. The private browser iPhone and iPad app then applies filtering standards as set by K-12 schools. Different methods are used, including intelligent real-time content analysis, safe search, and categorization. Your child will also be safe while watching YouTube, since the app scans every YouTube video and will filter it in or out based on the description, keywords, or title. If you like, you can build your own filter by buying the Premium Subscription on the website. This allows you to set time limits for browsing, set block/allow websites, block/allow categories, and also lets you set custom filters for multiple users. The Premium subscription also lets you view activity reports by email or online. One more bit of protection is offered by Mobicip Safe Browser: when your child is at a WiFi hotspot, Mobicip encrypts all Internet traffic.

‚ÄčThe app was updated to Version 3.1 on September 27, 2012. The update provides iOS 6 support as well as the new four inch screen support. It also made minor bug fixes. Mobicip Safe Browser has a total of 1698 ratings with an average of 3 out of five stars. The current version has 11 ratings with an average of three out of five stars. Many of the customer feedback comments are positive, with a small percentage experiencing crashes after updating.  

Mobicip - Parental Control App


Mobicip - Parental Control App

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