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FrameUrLife - Picture Frames + Photo collage app review: frame the special moments of your life



FrameUrLife app will enable you to preserve the photographs of your favorite moments in life by collecting various photographs into some stunning and unique frames right from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad all through one convenient frame ur life app.

This frameurlife app fully leverages the digital, interactive iOS technology as it packs 48 frames into a mere 43.4 MB. What's more is that it can be yours completely free of charge; just grab it from the Photo & Video section of the App Store.

The Frame your life app for iPhone could become your new favorite photos app. Check out our app review and the collage picture frames reviews for this app.

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FrameUrLife - Picture Frames + Photo collage


More Than 48 Layouts

Using FrameUrLife - Picture Frames + Photo collage, you can put together a bunch of photos into a single frame. There are 48 frames in the app that you can choose from, each of them with customizable features such as rounded corners, shadow effects, and color pickers for a pleasant, matching appearance.

Each of the areas within the 48 layouts can be resized so you have full control over which photos get the spotlight. The app gives you full creative control once you import the photo of your choice. You can zoom in, pan across, rotate, and even mirror the photo to get the exact look you're going for, or simply to experiment with various styles.

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More Than 48 Layouts image

Text and Aspect Ratio

When you're done putting together the photographs and frame, you can also throw on some text with just a couple of taps. The font size, color, and style, of which there are 80, are also fully customizable, and the resulting text can be resized, rotated, and moved along to the right spot.

Users will also be able to choose the ratio in which they'd like the frame, including 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, and 2:1 ratios. When you're done, share your image via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email.

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Text and Aspect Ratio image

FrameUrLife - Picture Frames + Photo collage


Pros & Cons


  • Choose from 48 layouts
  • Adjust the size of the photograph within each layout
  • Add text with more than 80 fonts to choose from
  • Apply effects to each of the photos
  • Share images via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

FrameUrLife - Picture Frames + Photo collage is the app that will end your search for a free photo-framing app, because not only does it allow you to throw on a frame, but it makes your captured moments truly special by bringing you a full suite of tools to make it happen. Grab this one on your iPhone or iPad immediately; why not try it, since it's free!

FrameUrLife - Picture Frames + Photo collage

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