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Geographer - World Factbook app review



Geographer - World Factbook is an app for the iPhone and iPad which serves as an interactive atlas in the palm of your hand, packed with all that you need to know regarding the world's countries, cities, mountains, and lakes.

With political as well as geographic maps, this app takes up just 12.1 MB of space on your iOS device and can be purchased from the Reference section of the App Store where it is available for the small price of $1.99. When you consider the cost of having a physical atlas, and how quickly a printed book can become outdated, this app will seem like a great value for money.

Let's take a look at this app's features.

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Geographer - World Factbook


Geographic and Political Information

Geographer - World Factbook can be your guide to our beautiful and unique planet. Tap on any of the countries listed and the app will locate it for you on a world map. Major cities, mountains, and lakes will be pinpointed and you'll be able to find information relating to each of these items with ease.

Once you've seen the highlights of the country, you can learn about their history, languages, leaders, religions, flag descriptions, societies, transportation, and economies for a greater understanding, based on the information in the CIA World Factbook in tandem with Wikipedia for some stats and further information.

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Learn about cities as well
Learn about cities as well

Sort & Compare Countries

This app also features powerful filtering functions that will enable you to filter countries by more than 85 parameters, including geography, people, energy, communications, and transport. If you wish to compare certain countries, such as the unemployment rate, or the heights of major mountains in a continent, this is also possible thanks to the interactive nature of this app.

Geographic features include 280 mountains across all the countries, and the highest point for each country is also listed. 78 lakes can be found in this app.

The local time for each of the 389 cities listed in this app are also provided along with information on the distance from your current location to any of the data points.

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Country run-down
Country run-down

Geographer - World Factbook


Pros & Cons


  • Covers 261 countries with up to date information on background, geography, people and society, flag description, government, economy, transportation and more
  • Lists 389 cities including the capital city of each country
  • Lists 280 mountains including the highest point of each country and 78 lakes
  • Sort countries by 85 different criteria in categories including geography, people, economy, energy, communications and transport
  • View the local time in each of the cities
  • Check how far any country, city, mountain, or lake is
  • Information extracted from the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Political and Geographical data
Political and Geographical data

Final Words

Whether you're a professor of geography, a student, or simply wish to get better acquainted with the world you live in, Geographer - World Factbook will help you come closer towards your goal. If you're looking for a handy and portable way to have information on the world's political and geographical features in the palm of your hand, then this app is a must-have on your iPhone or iPad.


Geographer - World Factbook

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