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Audiobooks HQ app review: access to a massive library



How would you like to enjoy a massive selection of audio books on your mobile device? The Audiobooks HQ app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and connects you with a library of more than 8,500 free audio books. Because you'll have this library available through your mobile device you'll be able to enjoy these books anywhere: while commuting to work on the subway, at the gym, sitting in the doctor's office waiting for your appointment, and more. 

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Audiobooks HQ


A Mobile Library

The Audiobooks HQ app provides users with a mobile library of books that cover all different genres. What's great about this app is that you'll be saving a fortune while enjoying a massive selection. Just think how much you’d need to spend on books in order to amass a collection of more than 8,500 titles. You can of course look for a particular book or you can check out the most downloaded, the "Inkstone Recommends" list, the top rated, search by language, genre, duration, tag, and more. The sound quality of the books is incredibly sharp and is all HQ. This means you won't have to strain to hear the audio.

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In its most recent update new books were added, which is something that occurs on a regular basis so the library continues to grow. The app currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users who can't seem to say enough positive things about it.

Connect to a massive collection of books
Connect to a massive collection of books

What You Can Expect

The Audiobooks HQ app really offers users a very smooth and enjoyable experience with the focus on ease-of-use and high quality recordings. You are given a number of customization options such as selecting your playback speed, the ability to skip backwards or forwards in the book, a sleep timer, and a handy bookmark tool. There is a note tool too where you can add notes to sections in the book so you can refer to them again, there is no Internet connection needed to listen to the books after you download them, and you can read up on the book details right on the playing screen. If there’s a book you have interest in but aren’t yet sure if you’ll like, check out the preview before you download the full book.

I really enjoy the simplicity of this offering and the fact you will have instant access to a complete library that provides you with endless hours of entertainment.

Plenty of customization features
Plenty of customization features

Audiobooks HQ


Pros and Cons


  • The app provides you with instant access to a massive collection of free books
  • All audio is HQ
  • There are a number of handy tools to use
  • Customize your playback speed
  • Once you download the book you don’t need an Internet connection
  • Enjoy a preview of the book before downloading it
  • New titles are added on a regular basis
  • Use the filters to search for books


  • Obviously the app doesn’t offer all books so you may not find particular ones you’re looking for

Details of the story
Details of the story

Final Thoughts

The Audiobooks HQ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a simple way to instantly give yourself a library of books. I really like the added features in this app and the high-quality audio.


Audiobooks HQ

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