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PhotoCaster app review



If you find that your iPhone or iPad is cluttered with photos and videos, and whose isn't, then PhotoCaster is an app that might just be the answer to your clogged iOS device!

This app enables you to browse, transfer, an manage your media files, namely photos and videos straight to your PC as long as you are on the same WiFi network.

If this sounds complicated, well, it normally can be, but this app makes it really simple, and it does so for the small price of 99 cents.

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Automatic Discovery

The developers of PhotoCaster know their target audience really well, so they've ensured a nice and lightweight app of just 4.3 MB so it can be easily accommodated even if you have an overcrowded phone.

When you first install this app on your iOS device, you will be able to find it on your PC or Mac using Network Places or Finder, respectively. Open it up and you'll find your entire collection from the Camera Roll which you can easily drag and drop on your PC or Mac.

You can choose to import or share all your photos, or only select a few that you want to copy onto your computer. You can order them by date, album, and location thanks to the geo-tag information which is also imported along with the photos.

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Safe and Secure

If you have a shared wireless network, be it at home or at work, you can keep your photos and videos away from prying eyes using a secure connection. Restrict access to your iOS device by incorporating a username and password.

All your images will be transferred in the highest quality along with all the tags including EXIF data, GPS data, and the date and time at which the photo was captured.

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Pros & Cons


  • Your PC or Mac will automatically detect your iPhone or iPad
  • Simply drag and drop all or select few images to your computer
  • All tags including EXIF, GPS data, and the date and time are preserved
  • Sort photos by date, album, or location
  • Restrict access to your iOS device over WiFi by applying a username and password
  • Universal app works across all devices
  • Images are transferred in full resolution


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

If you are suffering from iPhone or iPad overload, then PhotoCaster is the solution to all your problems, as it'll enable you to easily make transfers of your photos and videos to your PC or Mac so you have all your precious moments backed up. This is a must-have for everyone who enjoys taking photos and videos on their iOS devices.


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