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Math Find app review: a simple and fun math game



If you want to have a math game handy on your iPhone or iPad so you may use it to kill time while waiting in line, with your morning coffee, or even when you're procrastinating, Math Find might be just the right app for you.

This game can be found in the Education section of the App Store where it is available for free and the developers even manage to not include any ads in it. The developers claim that this game is suitable for adults as well as kids, so let's take a look at how it works.

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Three Difficulty Levels

Math Find has a chalkboard theme, so with each of the screens on this app, be it the instructions or the game screen, the user has a back-to-school experience. The main interface consists of four menu items including Practice, Time Limit, Help, and Option.

The Help section lays out the instructions of the game but you likely won't have to refer to it because the game is fairly intuitive; you'll know what to do!

The Option section allows you to adjust the volume of the game as well as choose from the three difficulty levels. By default, the level is set to Easy, but you can also change it to Normal and Difficult.

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Main menu
Main menu

Solve Problems

There are two gaming modes: Practice and Time Limit. Both games are identical except that there is a time cap of one minute and thirty seconds on the latter. When you pick one of these two options, you will then choose one of the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

At the top of the screen you'll find the problem and you must choose the correct solution from the grid of numbers below. If you take too long, the number will make itself obvious. Sometimes you might also get a yellow star. Tapping it will remove many of the answers from the grid.

One of the only drawbacks of this game is that if there are two or more of the same number in the grid (say, 10) then the same equation that leads to 10 will come up as many times as there are 10s on the grid. I wish the developers had ensured this didn't happen as it can detract a little from the gameplay.

Game Modes
Game Modes

Pros & Cons


  • Math practice on the go for adults and kids alike
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Choose the mode of operation you'd like to practice
  • Impose a time limit or work in practice mode
  • Simply tap the answer on the grid


  • The same equations are often repeated if the same solution number is present on the grid

Tap the right answer!
Tap the right answer!

Final Words

Math find is a great game that is sure to help you as well as your child become faster in performing the simple mathematical functions. Grab this app on your iPhone or iPad and stun your friends and family with your quick math skills.


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