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Design Shots app review: a client for Dribbble



If you're a fan of Dribbble and wish to have a handy way to use it from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad, then Design Shots - Dribbble Client is hands down one of the best Dribbble clients that you should definitely look into downloading.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Dribbble is a web-community of designers from around the world who share small screenshots, or “shots” displaying everything from their proudest finished work, to raw ideas, and current projects.

Let's take a closer look at this app.

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Design Shots — Dribbble Client


Show & Tell, Inspire & Be Inspired

Dribbble can be found in the Reference category of the App Store, and it is available for download at no cost. This app will also only take up 9.5 MB of space on your iOS device, so you will be able to work on your projects on your iPhone or iPad without space constrictions from this app.

Whether you're a graphic designer, illustrator, icon artist, typographer, logo designer, or other creative type, you can share your “shots” with the worldwide community of artists. Promote your own work or discover other artists' take on various topics; inspire and be inspired with Dribbble through this awesome client which opens up a whole new level of accessibility for the user.

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Show & Tell, Inspire & Be Inspired image

Interact With Ease

This app brings you a news feed-style board when you first open it up, showing you images from the most popular and best designers on Dribbble. GIFs and images can be easily viewed on your iOS device and saved on your Reading List.

If you choose to sign in with your Dribbble account, you will see shots from the users you have followed, the items you have liked, as well as your profile.

You can also view all the comments left by yourself and others on any particular shot, and if you are curious to see who has left the comment, you can also tap on any avatar to view further information regarding the user. Tap and hold down any image to share it immediately through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Interact With Ease image

Design Shots — Dribbble Client


Pros & Cons


  • Check out the latest images by some of the best designers on Dribbble
  • View likes, following, “rebounds”, attachments, and tags on any shot by signing in with your Dribbble account
  • Notice the cute and fun animations that make the app come alive
  • Share any image via social media networks or Mail by tapping and holding it down
  • Supports the new Dribbble API for a better user experience


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Design Shots - Dribbble Client is hands down one of the best clients available for Dribbble. It will open up a whole world of design ideas along with a platform on which to display your work and view others' work from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. A must-have for all designers from all backgrounds.

Design Shots — Dribbble Client

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